Hypnotic Healing Audio Recordings

All my Hypnotic Healing recordings are INTERACTIVE.  I guide you to create your own personal images which communicate from your own unconscious with information that sometimes astounds you, always informs you and at the very least calms you.

Our brains learn through repetition.  Each recording is designed for you to listen to many times.

  • Each time you listen the information that is most important at that time comes from your own intuitive knowing. 
  • Each time you listen your experience may be different, always expanding and deepening of your confidence, control and healing.

I value your feedback.  Please send me comments about your experiences – judy

 *     *     *     *     *

Heart to Heart is my most popular recording I’ve made and below is the best feedback I’ve ever received.

Heart to Heart with Love – Audio

You are guided to open your heart to experience love that perhaps you rarely think about or consider but is always there.  Love resides in our unconscious, spiritual awareness even when we consciously don’t feel it.  Whether it is God’s love or the loving kindness of a stranger you reconnect to it with this recording.

“After careful listening more than 3 times, I am addicted to your soothing voice and enjoy you in bed!! It is not a good CD, it is brilliant and my heart is singing.  I have had some interesting things come up. This morning I felt the “group hug” and felt so supported.  I am going to listen a lot and take it with me on my trip. Got any more CDs?”

“Hi, wow another wow experience with your CD. This morning (5am) my questions came in the form of a vision. I am standing in the middle, arms outstretched. Holding on one side my girls, the other my husband. Eventually I stepped back and brought them together as the only solution to healing. Interesting. 

Then my Uncle and Aunt came into the circle with my grandparents. I LOVED my Uncle. He was an engineer and funny and had us kids doing imaginary production line activities (ie making a shoe). He also had playboy magazines hidden in the house 😉   I could smell my Aunt’s meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top cooking in her oven. She was so warm to me. My grandmothers and grandfathers were there too. And this time all 3 of my dogs, including my Irish Setter who was stolen when she was 4 months old, were there.

God came at the end and I asked for guidance with my health. WOW. Thank you so much.”

*    *    *    *    *

Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose (Interactive)

As we journey through life your purpose will redefine and refine itself. Listen over and over to this interactive program to discover how what you love to do, are good at come together to give you the image of your life’s purpose.  You will be guided to communicate with your “Purpose” for you to better understand how your purpose is manifesting itself at different times of your life.

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