Rave Reviews Maui’s Book

“The Pulling, Climbing, Falling Down
Tale of Maui and His Back Legs”

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“Every child needs to know that when life gets tough, it’s time to keep trying to reach the goal. A great lesson in a true story!” Barbara Coulter

“Maui is an inspiration to us all. His determination and will got him back to his full “cat self”. Grit will get you there every time!” Katherine Aguirre, Ed.D. Executive Director of Special Education and Student Services, Santa Paula Unified School District

“Loved this book. Posted as Mrs. Peppa (I am English and my granddaughter loves Peppa Pig!! Review: This is a beautifully written and illustrated book for young children about overcoming adversity and how determination can result in success through both practice and failure. This little cat, Maui, is an example to us all.” Susanne Hieke, Early Childhood Educator, Cirriculum Creator, and Music and Movement Specialist

“This picture book inspires our imagination and reflection. Who would not be able to identify and feel great empathy for this cute cuddly cat. Maui is struggling for his survival. He suddenly cannot jump, climb for drink water from the sink, but fortunately, with determination and the right exercise, he is able to get his legs working again. It all could have been much worse!
The story encourages us to ask ourselves questions about the problems and good things in life. How would we cope in a similar situation? Are we grateful enough for what we can do right now?
The end of the year with short and dark days is the best time to enjoy this cuddly book. We can reflect and relax.” Margaretha Kloots, PsyD, School Psychologist, retired

“Love it! So true.” Jennifer Slaight Gibbs, Certified Dyslexia Specialist

“Wonderful true story that gives so much hope.” Christine Wenrich, Teacher

“It’s true, I loved this book and it’s real-life message. But my grandson adored it. The first time I read it to him, he was so very anxious about Maui, urging him on, hoping him better. Then he wanted it over and over. Easy to see why. Both the book and the message it contains are wonderful gifts for any young child.” Sheridan Bentson


“I love it.” Jocelyn Jones, Early Childhood Educator, Professor, Professional Development Specialist, and Mentor

“The Pulling, Climbing, Falling Down Tale of Maui and His Back Legs is a delightful story for young children. They’ll enjoy this first-person tale of a cat who has a physical challenge–his back legs won’t work. The book will be especially valuable for children who are faced with an obstacle, large or small. A parent or the child can re-read the story many times as a reminder that repeated efforts can pay off–Maui is finally able to do his favorite activities again. The book is based on a true story, with both text and charming illustrations by author Peggy Arndt.” Judith Fischer, Professor of Law, RET

“You had one strong, courageous cat there! The story is great to read, and inspiring to say the least. It does go to show us the power of the mind, and how we all possess the power of healing, ourselves and others. It comes with courage, belief, perseverance, hope, and most of all love and passion for life. I applaud you for your determination but most of all for your vision of Maui walking again.” Paul Del Sordo, Martial Arts Instructor and Special Needs Inclusion Coordinator

“Loved the book and the art work.” Margaret Mehuys



“Loved this beautiful, motivational true story about a cat named Maui who through determination and love regains the use of his back legs.” Becky G.

“I love that it taught my kids to keep trying. The illustrations were very charming too!” Paula Isenberg, High School Art Art Teacher

“Peggy Arndt is author and illustrator of this charming book with joyful illustrations and a vital message–keep trying! The book is a wonderful addition to any library, especially young children’s. I am buying several for Christmas and baby shower gifts.” Karen Harper, published children’s book author

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“This was a very cute and inspirational story….true story too. Don’t give up.
I loved the illustrations also.” Nancy Santacruz

“Peggy! I echo most of the comments that have been posted, but would like to add that I was particularly touched by Lucy and Maui’s relationship during his struggles. It’s always a huge plus to have those “special someones” there for you when you’re going through challenges, and I’m pretty sure Lucy’s devotion to Maui meant the world to him.“Remi”s Mom

“This charming story will inspire people of all ages and is told in a charming way. Many people experience obstacles of all kinds during their lifetime and it is such an inspiration to read a story that gives hope to everyone. To know that despite the challenges we are faced with we can in fact find ways to meet them and move beyond them.” Kay Renee Skinner, actress
“What a great story of perseverance! Maui knew what he wanted and he just kept trying. Little bits of progress encouraged him to keep up the hard work.” Michelle Renee, Human Connection Coach, CuddleSanDiego.com
“Maui is a role model for all of us, old and young. The story teaches us that we can accomplish anything with perseverance, determination, positive attitude. Maui proves the kitty doctor wrong. At the end he is able to walk with four legs, run, jump, climb again. A great book. I love the illustrations. Thank you Peggy Arndt” Linda Lau Thunselle
“I love this book! It is charming to read with beautiful illustrations. It is inspirational for children and adults!I purchased this book for my grandchildren, ages 3 and 5 and they loved it to. Read it again to us, they said.I plan to purchase more copies for gifts. You will want to, too.” Amazon customer

“That was a beautifully written and illustrated book. It’s just the thing we need sometimes. And, sometimes, it’s ok to go beyond where you are expected to go. Don’t take No for an answer!” Maryann O’Hara Chatfield, Dyslexia Therapist-International Dyslexia Association

“We all know how cats have nine lives because they survive some pretty crazy feats. We see cats jump from amazing heights, and land on all four legs, so for a cat to lose the use of his legs would be very sad. This book is encouraging to see the journey of a determined feline persistent in gaining use of all his legs. If people would only be so persistent in things that challenge their success. Very inspiring.” Dr. Marianne Cintron,  Ed.D. Grant Writer, Event Planner, Teacher Trainer, Founder, Step by Step Dyslexia Solutions, Author of “Do Pets Go to Heaven?

“Maui has shown us the value of determination and persistance. And, if we could read a cat’s mind, it also shows us that if we perceive it, our bodies will follow. Thank you, Peggy, for writing such a wonderful story about a cat who did not know the meaning of failure.”Ronna Skinner, artist

“The perseverance and stoicism of cats (and yes, dogs too Freddie) and animals in general evidenced by Maui and his triumph is a great reminder that will power and the mind can achieve great things.” A great “tail”/tale.” Duffy’s Dad

“This is a sweet story about the value of faith and persistence. The illustrations are darling. Maui is lovingly brought to life by Peggy” Joyce