Freddie Parker Westerfield

Dear all Human Beings and other Critters,

I am Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT RET, CCDB

Canine Dog Therapist Retired, Certified Canine Dog Blogger

Before I retired in 2014 I took my Human Being to the office every day to train her.  She had all these degrees and labels but humans need a lot of paw-holding.


On my way to my office


Waiting for my first client.


The end my work day

I am currently focused on my blogging career.

  • I am part poodle which makes me very intelligent.
  • My other parts are unknown which makes me enigmatic and furry.
  • (Judith Westerfield is neither part poodle, enigmatic nor furry but she is learning to be a better human thanks to my role modeling.)  

Here are just a few of my posts 

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

A Freddie First

Have You Made Your Mark?

Holding kleenex for my next client

Freddie – Holding kleenex for my next client

Hair is getting longer

Freddie P.

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10 comments on “Freddie Parker Westerfield

  1. I miss Freddie so much. He was always so friendly and brightened my day.
    Did I tell you my Chakita went to Jesus last Feb.2016? I still miss her but will not get another pet. Still plan to spend some time in Japan.


    • Carolyn,
      Freddie doesn’t like retirement because he no longer gets treats every hour on the hour!
      No, I didn’t know that Chakita had passed. SO sorry Carolyn. It was such a blessing that you took her in and gave her such wonderful care and love. In return she gave her love. She was such a sweetie.


    • Dear Sharon Bonin-Pratt, Human-being.

      You are very perceptive . . . for a human-being. And I like you because you have three names. Maybe I’ll hyphenate mine too.

      Freddie-Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog Therapist RET


  2. Hello Freddie. Aren’t you the handsome man? I’m sure you do a great job helping your human be a therapist. My Scout helps me with daily tasks as a service dog. You pups are special.


    • Dear Lydia, Human Being,
      Thank you for the compliment, you are a Human Being with a discerning eye. My human-being told me Scout has ferrets for pets. I would like a ferret. How do I get one?
      Faithfully yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield


      • I like having ferrets. But, there are rules! I can’t chase them or wrestle like I do with dogs at the park. Mommy says they’re too small and I’d hurt them. I guess they are small. They steal my toys and take them under the couch! Mommy gets them back. We all share treats at night. I get to play with them. I lay on my side and Bobby climbs on me. I push him with my nose. I can also pounce a little but not jump. “Gentle.” They make mommy laugh, which is good. I get to chase the cat and she chases me. That’s a fun game.

        Mommy says you can’t have ferrets because you live in California. The humans made them illegal there. That’s stupid. Ferrets don’t hurt anything!


        • Dear Lydia et. al., Human-Being, Ferret-Mammals & Scout Canine-Dog,

          You have much more fun than I do. I Maybe I should move to where you live so I can have a ferret and share treats?

          Faithfully yours,
          Freddie Parker Westerfield, Ferret-less Canine-Dog


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