MAX & Friends

This is Max.

Max was by far the quirkiest, most lovable, curious and entrancing creature I know.

In the fibromyalgia flare-up days when I was so exhausted it is an effort to brush my teeth Max was there to walk me. When I’ve cried myself to sleep because of pain Max was there to lick my tears. When I’ve subcombed to depression Max maked me laugh.

And so it’s only appropriate that I dedicate this Blog to Max


Max passed-on in December 2012.  This is his original page.


by Max

“I’m so glad you came to MY page.  You must be a very good person, intelligent, discerning and lovable, like me.

I have decided that it is not fair that my Human Judy gets to post her thoughts and I’ve been just her cute “poster boy”.  From now on when I have a thought I’m going to post it.

Please scroll down to see some of my best friends.  I need top billing because this IS my page.

I’m part Basset.That’s a quirky thing.

I’m part Terrier.That’s a stubborn thing.

My other parts are unknown.That’s an intriguing thing.

I have big brown eyes,

a loooooooong body

and short front legs.That’s a Basset thing.

I have short ears and long hair.That’s a Terrier thing.

I understand English.That’s a smart thing.

I chew up comforters.That’s a comforting thing.

I lick humans a lot.That’s a loving thing.

I love vegetables and fruit.That’s a healthy thing.

I lay in the sun.That’s a cat-like thing.

I sing.That’s a howling thing.

I’m a dog.That’s a wonderful thing!

I got this letter from Tootsie.  She has a much more exciting life than most. Submitted on 2011/04/17 at 4:58 am

Max, My Human let me watch your walking video. You are very dapper and well behaved on the leash. My Humans take me to the forest preserves on hikes and you wouldn’t believe what I have seen. Horses, they scare me because they are so big. I’ve seen deer and even though I really try to talk to them they always run away from me. I think they are scared of my humans not me. There was a coyote once, but my Human got us moving fast and we skeedadled out of that area. The best thing I ever did was hike with the Boy Scouts because they had food and kept sneaking me some. This past winter me and my 3 human men took me snow hiking. They bought me little boots to keep my paws protected, it feels weird but you get used to it quick. The snow is the best! The forest preserve is awesome. So much cool stuff to smell. I wish you could visit so I could show you.


his is my new Best Friend, Natalie.  She’s a rescue dog, like me.  Natalie is 7 years old.  And she is a verrrrrrrrry lucky dog to find a family that loves her.  I know. (Don’t tell my human Judy I said that — she has enough power as it is)

You know the yiddish word “mamzer”? Zachary is a little mamzer. He now weighs 24 lbs and can jump into the car and onto my bed without any help. At this rate he’ll be in doggy olympics next year in the high jump.

Charlie Klenner.  Charlie and I are friends.  I”ve never met him but I know we are friends because we have a lot in common.  Charlie is very long and I am very long.  His eyes glow and so do mine.

Me, showing you how my eyes glow.

Max Moods:  Sad, Mad, Jealous, MELLOW

Mr. H is also Jewish. His master’s maiden name is Abramson. His Human, Rosemary Lee went to UCLA and has lived in Las Vegas since 1963. (I wonder if Rosemary could get me into a casino?).
Rose Mary told my Human that Mr. H is willing to share treats with me and is sending me a card to say thanks!  (Mr H. is very generous, dispelling once and for all the false myths about Jews.  I will ask my Human to read the card to me)

Mr H’s human has a blog – you can see him there too.  I think his human should give him his own page.


23 thoughts on “MAX & Friends

  1. In memorium to the Max,
    I simply wanna ask
    If I can now remember Fred.

    Fred was a mongel puppy
    When first I him did spy
    A mangy frightened poodle cross
    A cast in his left eye.
    But as the years unfolded
    His silky pelt revealed
    A dog of great discernment
    My broken heart he healed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HARRUMPH, LEXI HERE, and as you can see I am not using my adorable nickname because this is no laughing matter. Have you forgotten me already??? Judith?! Rose? I knew you all liked that “sainted Callie” best anyway. I am going to hide in a corner and “LICK MY WOUNDS.” Love, the deceased Callie and peach keen, Jr.


    • Dear Lexi, canine dog,
      I am just as disturbed as you are as I’ve been waiting and waiting for my own page for my friends since I got here. Send me your picture and I’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost. My Human Being is cute but not very organized.
      Sincerely yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, canine dog


      • Dear Freddie, That’s what they all say. Love, Lexi-Pro

        >________________________________ > From: CuriositytotheMAX >To: >Sent: Sunday, May 12, 2013 8:11 PM >Subject: [New comment] MAX & Friends > > > > >CuriositytotheMax commented: “Dear Lexi, canine dog, I am just as disturbed as you are as I’ve been waiting and waiting for my own page for my friends since I got here. Send me your picture and I’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost. My Human Being is cute but not very organized. Sincer” >


  3. I’m a dog lover. My current boy is Burnie. He is still pretty young and mischievous. He is turning into a good walker which is a good thing for me. Max is adorable. He is with you in spirit.


    • Rosemarie,
      I KNOW Max is with me in spirit! I actually heard him – TOTALLY clear – a week after he died. It was very emotional and I’m NOT a crrrrrrrrrazed pet owner even though I may be crrrrrrrazed!


  4. I finally sent you some pictures of Sandy and our Max. I hope you got them, and Max is happy finally seeing his buddies.

    BTW…Sandy has a special message to Max….”Dearest Max…believe me, having your very own cat is very over rated!! I have to share my human’s attention now, I even think he gets some treats that should have been mine. I do love my cat…but he’s a little brother…with all the bother that goes along with it. However, sometimes (every night before bed) I get a little kitty kibble as a treat…that stuff is GREAT, why does he get the gourmet food all the time.
    Just wanted you to know, how very lucky you really are! ruff, ruff, howl.”

    I don’t know where that came from. Perhaps Sandy and Max had an argument, but as she said, little brother can get on her nerves. I hope Max understands the ruff, ruff, howl…I don’t translate some dog words very well.

    oh she does send nose snuggles. (Sandy doesn’t lick very often.)



    • Dear my pals Sandy and Max and Wendy, my best friend,
      I am indisposed at the moment but will send you an appropriate response when my Human gets off the computer and leaves the room so I don’t have to watch what I say. She has a bad habit of reading over my ears.


  5. Hi Max. My name is Michael and I found your Human’s blog through a comment she left on Mo’s blog. I was so impressed with your essay above that I wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that. Speaking of your Human, her blog looks very interesting and I look forward to reading more here.


    • Dear My New Best Friend Michael,
      Thank you so much for beginning your comment with the salutation to me. My human has a tendency to hog the mail for herself. I posted a new blog tonight JUST FOR YOU because you are obviously a man of discriminating taste!
      Lickingly yours, LLLLLLLL


  6. Love this new site and Blog…. Max is so wonderful and he teaches his Human very well… she brings love – light – joy and art to folks who need it most!! NAMASTE!!! xoxooxoxo


  7. Mr. H is also Jewish. His master’s maiden name is Abramson. I went to UCLA and I’ve lived in Las Vegas since 1963. My baby that went to heaven 3 years ago is Squirt (you can see her on and was the CEO of S&H Enterprises (squirt and H).
    Mr. H is willing to share treats with Max and is sending Max a card to say thanks!


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