Pain with Advanced Style

Artist, Ilona Royce Smithkin

Artist, Ilona Royce Smithkin, 93 years old

One of my favorite blogs which inspires me is Advanced Style by Ari Cohen who in his own words created ” . . . Advanced Style to start a dialogue about aging and to show a positive and uplifting image of getting older.”

This post was about how Illona Royce Smithkin,  (She’s 93 years old!!!)  had to say about pain:

“Everyday something unexpected happens to our bodies. I fight everyday to get up and out of bed.When I feel a pain somewhere I tell my body, “I’m so nice to you, what do you want from me?” And I tell myself a little story or joke and remind myself of the times when I was in worse pain, and how lucky I am today, and the pain begins to go away. I tell myself that this isn’t the first time, or the last time that I will feel pain and begin to occupy my mind with other things. You must get involved in things outside of the pain, things that give you interest. All these things are a part of life. We all feel pain and unpleasantness. As long as I can seduce myself to enjoy all kinds of things, like in the morning enjoying the first cup of coffee, or piece of chocolate the pain begins to diminish. I give myself nice things to look forward to, throughout the day. The moment you give in and let yourself get dragged down by misery you are closer to death.”

I shall try to think of Ilona when I feel a pain in my own body . . . or spirit.

Freddie’s Fundamentals of Life


Christina Viera, Advanced Style

Dear Human-beings,

If you’re confused about your direction in life never, ever, NEVER  lie down in the street.  It’s not safe, not comfortable, not clean. Keep walking and sniffing. You will always find something to claim as territory and leave your mark.  Trust me, it will  be a big “relief”.

Fundamentally yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

P.S.  My Human-being has been lying in the middle of the street for a while.  I have to be very patient with her . . . it’s hard being human.


93-year-old Norma Miller at Lincoln Center!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh – forget my body, if only my BRAIN were that “with it” NOW.


“Norma Miller (born 2 December 1919 in HarlemNew York) is an American swing dancer known as “The Queen of Swing”. Discovered at the age of twelve by the Savoy Ballroom‘s legendary dancer Twistmouth George, Ms. Miller has been in show business ever since.”

“Miller was honored with a 2003 National Heritage Foundation Fellowship from the National Endowments of the Arts for her role in creating and continuing to preserve “the acrobatic style swing dance, known as the Lindy Hop”. Wikipedia

Courage and Creative Expression. Do you (I) have what it takes?

I just commented to a friend that “life is not to be lived in hiding or fear despite our circumstances”.  Yes, I know, I know – easier said than done.  Yes, I know, I know – we need to learn what we teach.  And yes, I have to remind myself every day that worthwhile things are never easy.

Just after making the comment I read this post from Advanced Style.

Ari Seth Cohen is the author and photographer.  He writes about a woman he saw on the street and asked to photograph her.  Here’s part of his post – it’s worth the read to see that authenticity (in any mode, medium or expression) can be colorful, freeing and best of all out courageously in the open.



“After I [Ari ] took Diana’s photograph she shared a story with me. She told me that she was dining at a restaurant when a man approached her and  said, ” You know, when you see an elephant in a room, you run the other way.” Diana told me that she was hurt by these cruel words, but she didn’t let this stop her from wearing what makes her feel comfortable.”

“I later found out that Diana started wearing different scarves and head embellishments due to the  effects of a medical condition. Since recovering she continues to wear her turbans and wraps and has a renewed sense of freedom.

See another picture of Diana and read the entire post at: Having Courage to Play Dress-up

Fashion Forward Friday – Judy’s Chronic Conditions’ Style

When I saw Matt Lauer interview my Muse (muses) fashion icons from my new favorite blog  Advanced Style   I was inspired to “take it out of my closet” and inspire all of you who need inspiring too:

Me sleeping

  I’m at my best when I’m sleeping.  I don’t know that I’m in pain, depressed or exhausted until I wake up.  Here’s a sleep wear  ensemble I wear when I need to feel up when I’m down. . . Or cheerful while I’m asleep .  . .Or colorful when I’m not awake.

The bottoms are drawstringthe top oversized and the bracelet is stretch.  All are designed not to impinge on my delicate body and awaken me from slumber while accommodating the possibility of my gaining weight while I’m sleeping from my before bed snackS


I LOVE to mix textures.  Notice how the fuzzy flannel of the pajama bottoms beautifully play off  the soft cotton knit texture of the t-shirt. The smooth reflective bangles around my wrist add just the touch of surprise to bring the outfit alive.

Particularly observe how the red top echoes the red polka dots.  The round bangles of the pink necklace continue  the “round motif” as well as pick up the pink polka dots in the pajama bottoms.

As a final touch I echo all the colors in the pajama bottoms with a tasteful turquoisy-blue ring and a Chartreuse flower.

Turquoisy-Blue echoes turquoisy-blue polka dots

Tasteful Chartreuse flower

I never wear earrings with my night-time attire as they get in my way while I slumber.

I hope you are inspired to Fashionably Flaunt Your Chronic Condition.

IMPORTANT Bonus Fashion Forward tip of the day:  ALWAYS wear ALL your make-up to bed.  You will wake up in the morning looking your wonderful best.  

Remember – When you LOOK YOUR BEST you ACT YOUR BEST and then FEEL YOUR BEST.

Me at my best



More is more, less is a bore

Dive in, you won’t drown

“At 91 years old, Iris Apfel is busier than most people half her age. She told me [Ari Seth Cohen] that the secret to her success is her sense of curiosity. When it comes to learning and personal style, Iris proclaims, “More is more and less is a bore.”‘

Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen is my new favorite blog! Iris is one of the wonderful women featured.  Check it out.