I’m so disappointed

When I was in grade school we did “duck ‘n cover” drills. Ducking under a desk and covering your head was suppose to protect us from an atomic bomb drop. It was the height of the cold war between the United States and Russia.

I lived in Phoenix Arizona which was a small (by today’s standards) city surrounded by miles and miles of uninhabitable dessert where many alien spacecraft had been observed.
I prayed that the aliens would land and the entire world would then, out of necessity, come together in solidarity to protect the planet.

Alien Baby, by judy – acrylic on cardboard box

“Weird space object ‘Oumuamua’ was not an alien spacecraft after all, scientists say. The 1/4-mile long rock was first spotted in October 2017 by astronomers peering through a telescope atop Mount Haleakala in Maui, Hawaii. In the weeks after that, other ground-based telescopes around the world and space-based telescopes in orbit continued to monitor Oumuamua (Hawaiian for “scout” or “messenger”) as it zipped through the solar system at about 85,700 mph.”

There was also wild speculation that it came from an alien civilization.

“After a fairly exhaustive search, scientists couldn’t find any artificial radio signals coming from the interstellar objet known as Oumuamua.”

“The alien spacecraft hypothesis is a fun idea, but our analysis suggests there is a whole host of natural phenomena that could explain it,” said Matthew Knight, the study lead author from the University of Maryland, in a news release.

‘”While Oumuamua’s interstellar origin makes it unique, many of its other properties are perfectly consistent with objects in our own solar system,” said study co-author Robert Jedicke of the University of Hawaii. In fact, Oumuamua’s orbit, its path through our solar system, matches a prediction published in a scientific journal by Jedicke and his colleagues six months before Oumuamua’s discovery.”

One theory is that the object could have been ejected by a gas giant planet orbiting another star.

“Even though we know it’s a natural phenomenon, “we have never seen anything like Oumuamua in our solar system,” Knight said. “It’s really a mystery still,” he said.”

Decades later “duck ‘n cover” has been replaced by “lock down drills” for shooters.  The aliens are still waiting for us to figure out how to come together without their help.


The new study was published in the peer-reviewed British journal Nature Astronomy.

Pod Person Revisited & Judaiku – Tasty Magic

If you haven’t been following the Mystery of My Garden here are the two link that will tell the WHOLE story:

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UGO: Unidentified Growing Object

It’s a Pod Person!

All Dressed up to Leave the Pod

Now here’s the rest of the story:

Enough Fear to Loose ALL Her Hair

ooooooh Noooooooooo Fear realized

Where oh where can she be?


Pod Person going going

Going going


Deeeeeeeliciously Gone!

Stay tuned there are more Pod People in the Patch!

Tasty Pod People 

Visitors from outer space?

The fruit of Magic

My Early Lesson in Holding on and Letting go

Pastel Chalk on black paper with Alien

My fear of alien creatures began when I was 8 years old.   I woke terrified, from a deep sleep in the shared  bedroom with my 3 year-old brother.  Ricky was sound asleep in his bed  by the door;  my bed on the opposite wall.  If I stretched really far I could almost touch him as he slept.  I preferred sleeping on my right side; more comforting with my back to the wall facing Rick and seeing the door.

I woke up suddenly.  The room was pitch black, the house totally quiet. I was gripped with terror.  My left hand was holding on tight to another hand that belonged to a creature under my bed.  I was desperate  to let go of that hand but afraid if I did the creature would leave and no one would believe that it had been under my bed.  An eternity passed before I could no longer stand the terror and dropped the hand.

The tingling started almost immediately.  Strange electric currents began shooting up my arm.  Too late. The creature had  already left its mark on a young psyche.

I sometimes will click on an unknown link that hit my blog.  Today I clicked on http://cgoverts.blogspot.com/2011/04/to-z-senses.html

Turned out to be Claire’s Writing Log. Her post was interesting and very well written.  This passage brought back a flood of memory:

“Proprioception is our body’s way of determining location of our body parts relative to other parts and objects around us. This is what tells us that our arm is resting against a surface, perhaps the arm rest of an easy chair. This is something that we can notice the absence of. When I was younger I used to toss and turn at night, and there were a few times I had pinched a nerve in my arm. With me having been asleep it was past the point of simple tingling that usually happens. I couldn’t feel my arm at all, and I didn’t know where it was because the nerves in said arm weren’t communicating that information back. I had to find that arm with my other arm, and once I massaged the feeling back in it was fine. But it was the weirdest sensation to not know where a limb was.”

Thanks Claire.  It’s nice to have a bedfellow.

P.S.  Claire’s post is very interesting – about senses beyond taste, touch, smell, sight, sound –  pain, proprioception and balance.  

take a look http://cgoverts.blogspot.com/2011/04/to-z-senses.html

Fears I’ve Overcome and Those to Come

Was talking to a client today about fear. Made me stop to think about my own fears.

  • I used to be fearful of aliens coming to “get me”.  I am pretty sure that the time it would have been useful for them to study me has passed.
  • I used to be afraid that my mind would go before my body.  Since watching the decline of my own parents I’m now fearful that my mind will NOT go before my body.  It may be a blessing not to be aware of what my limitations are.
  • I used to be fearful people wouldn’t like me.  I now consider it a compliment that certain people don’t like me
  • I used to be fearful of snakes. I spent hours in my early 20’s watching snakes (behind a glass exhibit) noticing  how beautiful their markings were, how incredible it was that they navigated their way with their tongue and how remarkable their ability to move was.  I still am afraid of snakes.
  • I used to be fearful of not getting good grades in school.  I’ve got all the diplomas now I need . . .or want.
  • I used to be terrified of dying.  I’m not afraid of that since I’ve embraced the Baha’i belief about the celestial realm.
  • I used to be fearful of never having a boy ask me to dance at high school dances.  Now I fear that if anyone asked they’d find out I can’t dance
  • I used to be afraid of heights.  I took a Wilderness Course in my 30’s where we had to climb poles, walk across streams on tiny logs and fall backwards off ledges into people’s’ arms.  I am still afraid of heights.

Hey! My list of fears has really been whittled down!

All I’m afraid of now is that there are snakes in heaven, I will be a dance instructor for eternity and that heaven is REALLY HIGH up.

Tell me what your fears are . . . or were!

Kay WalkerComment by Kay Walker 1 hour ago
Great post- especially the punchline!

I’m afraid I’ll never get a meaningful job again; that I will never have an income of my own again; that the depths of my depression will return; crocodiles/alligators- can hardly watch them on TV!; bee/wasp/bull-ant stings- very bad reactions and giant itchy lumps that last for 3 months; that I will have a stroke and be unable to do things. I’m not afraid of actually dying (I think it will be just like going under anaesthetic- no worries there), and only slightly concerned that some people may not like me- as you say- I’m quite pleased certain types don’t!