Should I get a tattoo on my pacemaker scar?

I’ve decided to get a tattoo over my pacemaker scar.

shared this with a friend who suggested I check with my cardiologist before I did anything rash.  Google was faster, and possibly a more reliable resource for fashion, than a cardiologist. I googled: “Can I have a tattoo with a pacemaker.”  I am not the only one who wants a tattoo on their pacemaker scar – HUNDREDS of inquiries.

Do you have any idea how MANY tattoos there are to choose from?  Here are a few possibilities that might reflect my personality.

Apparently there are a couple of potential problems for having a tattoo done over a pacemaker scar:

  • The electromagnetic (EMI) of the tattoo tool interferes with the pacemaker’s function,
  • The possibility that since pacemaker wires are near the skin they might accidentally get damaged in the process.
  • The tattoo machine needs to be 6 inches away from pacemaker site which would put my tattoo on my belly button . . . or worse.

None of those problems seem as insurmountable as this warning:  “When you get old the tattoo will be all wrinkly”

I’m getting a fake stick-on tattoo.

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