Sneek Peek at Summer Camp – “Irritated Birds”

Serendipity is a wondrous thing Art Camp bird lesson “Put a Beak on It!”  and Ramesh Sood’s haiku were meant for each other!

Irritated Birds Haiku

by Ramesh Sood – A Little More Than Ordinary

Ah, rain and sun and 

 rain and sun and rain and sun;

irritated birds . . . 


 Irritated birds; 

winds fail to pick up songs when 

passing through the trees


Put a Beak on It!

 Left to right: Morley’s emotions boomer-rang all over the place, Humphrey likes to be babied even tho he’s “older than Methuselah”, and Methuselah is very stodgy and smokes cigars. (the two babies were just born and haven’t developed any personality . . . or bad habits . . . yet . . .)