“G” is for Google-me-smart

Google me high, Google me low

I store all my smarts on the net

billions of gigabytes not filled yet

I could take a look

at a book

but it’s way too slow

and stresses me so

I just can’t stray

from My google-a-day

So bring on the information glut

I admit I’m a google-slut

I google for fun, news, entertainment but most of all I Google for information:  How to properly floss, what’s a blobfish, why do I look older than I feel?   

I Goggled this research article which makes me wonder if all my Goggling is lowering my IQ . . .

". . .  Now she's really got something to be worried about . . . "

“. . . Now she’s really got something to be worried about . . . “

Searching on-line May Make You Think You are Smarter than You are


“But at any moment you’re also just a few taps away from becoming an insufferable know-it-all. Searching for answers online gives people an inflated sense of their own knowledge, according to a study. It makes people think they know more than they actually do.”

“We think the information is leaking into our head, but really the information is stored somewhere else entirely,” Matthew Fisher, a doctoral student in cognitive psychology at Yale University, tells Shots.” “The more we rely on the Internet, Fisher says, the harder it will be to draw a line between where our knowledge ends and the web begins. And unlike poring through books or debating peers, asking the Internet is unique because it’s so effortless.”

“We are not forced to face our own ignorance and ask for help; we can just look up the answer immediately,” Fisher writes in an email. “We think these features make it more likely for people to consider knowledge stored online as their own.”

Read the entire article if you dare google this link! http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2015/04/02/396810355/searching-online-may-make-you-think-youre-smarter-than-you-are

Sneak a Peak into my Journal

There once was  little weird fellow

who looked like he was quite mellow

but his teeth were sharp

always hitting the mark

drawing blood that was lemon yellow

A judy-journal page
A judy-journal page
"There she goes . . .again"
Blob the Blobfish: “There she goes . . .again”

When hungry he will quietly swallow..

Know, his belching won’t be shallow..

He’ll get himself well fed

What he eats is pretty red

Then why would his blood be yellow?

By Ramesh Sood

A Little More Than Ordinary