Sneek a Peek – Irritating Irritated Birds in the Drink

Who Nu Haiku

Much too much to drink

Irritated birds can’t fly

water – logged” will sink

Mixed media - Irritated Birds
Mixed media – Irritated Birds
"There she goes . . .again"

Bob the Blobfish sez: “There she goes . . .again”

Sneek Peek at Summer Camp – “Irritated Birds”

Serendipity is a wondrous thing Art Camp bird lesson “Put a Beak on It!”  and Ramesh Sood’s haiku were meant for each other!

Irritated Birds Haiku

by Ramesh Sood – A Little More Than Ordinary

Ah, rain and sun and 

 rain and sun and rain and sun;

irritated birds . . . 


 Irritated birds; 

winds fail to pick up songs when 

passing through the trees


Put a Beak on It!

 Left to right: Morley’s emotions boomer-rang all over the place, Humphrey likes to be babied even tho he’s “older than Methuselah”, and Methuselah is very stodgy and smokes cigars. (the two babies were just born and haven’t developed any personality . . . or bad habits . . . yet . . .)






Sneek a Peek at Summer Art Camp Critter

Me and my paint brush just weren’t getting along so I turned my affection toward my oil pastels (I think the paint was secretly relieved).  So here’s my possibly, probably final version . . . I think . . . of my “Splish-Splash-Painting-Drawing-Thingey-Critter.

If you want to see what the steps were to this point click here:

Paint & I decided to part ways at this point

Paint & I decided to part ways at this point

Reunited with oil pastels
Splish-Splash-Dab ‘n Draw Critter Thingey

THE END . . . probably



Sneak a Peek at Summer Art Camp

Haven’t had time  . . .  or energy to do much of anything lately.  Here’s a peek at one of the only assignments I’ve started.  It’s not finished but thought I’d share some of the process:

Take a canvas – smear paint on it, squirt it with water, let the paint drip, put stencils on it, smush paint it around somemore, find something that resembles something and do whatever you want to bring it out. .

#1 = old unfinished painting

#1 = old unfinished painting

#2 Covered old painting with splashes of paint and water

#2 Covered old painting with splashes of paint and water

#3 - added stencils

#3 – added stencils

#4 - outlined discovered image

#4 – outlined discovered image

#5 - white-washed background

#5 – white-washed background

  . . .  to be continued . . . at 

Summer Art Camp plus crabby haiku

Instead of buying candy I been saving my allowance for Summer Camp Carla Sonheim’s Summer Art Camp.  As you might have guessed by now I LOVE Carla, her classes and emphasis on having fun with art.  The first camp assignment is drawing 3 crabs (better than 12 princes!) with non-dominant hand and then a water-color of sea shells (to come).


Crabby judy!

Deep Fried Crab Haiku

Used to be hard-shelled

Age has marinated me

Now I’m a softy*


*Soft-shell crab is a culinary term for crabs which have recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft.[1] This means that almost the entire animal can be eaten, rather than having to shell the animal to reach the meat.[2] The exceptions are the mouthparts, the gills and the abdomen, which must be discarded.[3] The remaining, edible part of the crab is typically deep fried.[2] Wikipedia


Non-dominant hand, pen

Unhappy Crabs, Non-dominant hand, pen