Tradition or Creative Change – Does it matter to you?

Fight between heart, head
stay true to the ancient forms
or flow into now?

There’s “reflection” going on in Haiku land that mirrors a universal struggle – maintain  traditional forms or create change. Leo is the host of Haiku-Heights so it’s his call.  And he votes for preserving the traditional haiku form.  I respect that.

Here’s another point of view (mine, of course!)

I’m biased.  My life has been devoted to creative CHANGE.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

 Soren Kierkegaard  (Danish Philosopher and Theologian

I doubt if Freud would still be practicing “Freudian Therapy” or Shakespeare would be writing in iambic pentameter or use “thee” and “thou”.  I think Picasso would still be stretching the boundaries of paint and Henry Ford would be implanting computer chips in horses (well, maybe not horses – but you get the idea).

In YOUR life what do you preserve intact from the past

and what do you creatively change?

It’s not a frivolous question as it ultimately informs who we are and how we “do” life.

#151 – TRUE

Pain is Not a Coincidence

Fear in the Face of Pain, Acrylic on Canvas Board by judy

“On a serious note – YES, I can be serious, seriously!
I believe that life isn’t random and there are no coincidences. Everything that happens is to help us learn to let go of what is not needed and hold onto what is. The trick is learning the lessons before we are towed under. It’s hard when the lessons involve pain. But then again I believe the most important lessons always involve pain of some kind. It’s still hard”

I wrote that in response to a blog post on another blog.  The reply I got back was,  Weird how I believe there are no coincidences with good stuff and interesting stuff. I never thought of it for this [pain, catastrophe, etc] but I do now.”

I was surprised. I had never considered that there might be people I work with in my practice who believe pain, physical or mental, was a coincidence, a random happening when they collided with fate.

I know that all the most important learning experiences I’ve had come from pain or fear.  Even the most basic of things.

I lose weight because I fear what others will think of me in a bathing suit.  I eat healthy because I have gastric pain.  I rethink my life when in the throes of betrayal.  I could go on and on and on and on – which is my tendency, as my good friends know.

Here’s an exercise I’ve taught: Reflect – How many significant changes, how many important life altering lessons did you learn when you were happy, pleased, content, complacent, oblivious . . .?

Draw a line through your life and find the common thread of what you’ve lost, what you’ve had to let go of, what you feared losing,  losing a dream of what should be, could have been.  Almost always there is something difficult, painful, trying that recurs in different forms, different times, different ways throughout our lives.  Most often it is about loss, letting go.

If you follow the thread and how it weaves into your life you will probably find the lesson(s) you are here to learn.

My big lesson I have had to learn over and over in different times and ways is that I am not my pain, I am not what I do or what I have.  And I am here – as I believe we are all here – to serve with love and help each other grow with wisdom.

 My pain is still here. I’m still learning.