If a first grader can draw portraits so can I and . . . so can YOU!

I’ve been taking a portrait painting class with Peggy Nicols and it’s very difficult.  Now I’m inspired to work harder because Carol Cormier taught her FIRST GRADERS to do portraits!  You’ve got to check out more great drawings of Picasso, Warhol, Dali and Kahlo! 

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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali











Freda Kohlo

Freda Kahlo

 Peggy Nichols, Studio C Gallery

A Bissel about Grandma and Children’s Art

Russian Babushka Children’s Art


My Grandma on my Mother’s side was Russian.  She died when I was about 8.  My memory of her is exactly what a Grandma was SUPPOSE to look like (in those days!)

She was probably only 5 feet tall, roly poly, gray hair, wore dresses with tiny print, black tie shoes and opaque stockings.

Holiday meals with aunts, uncles, cousins were served at the large formal table in the dining area that was “open concept” to the living room.  Very open concept because the dining table was actually in the living room since the top floor of their house was rented out.  Grandma would be flabbergasted that today’s families actually choose to have open concept.

Seemingly Grandma never sat down.   She cooked wonderful meals in a tiny kitchen with no counter space.  I remember family members always calling her to sit down and eat with us.

Grandma never used a cook book.  I’m sure cook books were unheard of in the tiny Russian village  where she was born. Grandma cooked just like grandma’s are SUPPOSE to cook – you put in a “bissel of this and a bissel of that”.  (bissel – a little bit).

After posting the video about 92 year old Tap Dancing Louise, Grandmas have been on my mind.  Low and behold the pictures on this page were just posted on one of my favorite blogs Painted Paper 

To be truthful to all my wonderful subscribers, NONE of YOUR blogs (if you have a blog!)  are my favorites!

My very favorite blogs are written by children’s art teachers who post their lessons.  I find joy, creative inspiration and pure pleasure looking at the pictures of the children’s art work.

Children draw and paint the way my Grandma cooked: A bissel of this color and and a bissel of that.


Russian Babushka Children’s Art