Clarifications by Tallulah

My Dearests,
I find it a bit tedious that I have to clarify the confusion Miss JudyJudith has created by her last post.  However, it is incumbent upon me to address her mis-communication to make sure that my reputation remains pristine and shelter her from further embarrassment.

Here are my clarifications.

I, Miss Tallulah Pacehead, am diligently doing my job.  I am not responsible for any of the chest pain, exhaustion or wack-o arryhthmia’s Miss jJ was experiencing.   I am an electronic miracle, unlike the medications which seem to cause unseemly side effects.

I, Miss Tallulah Pacehead,  am aghast that some of you did not know I have lived with Miss jJ for several years.  I am quite famous so those of you who are not acquainted with me  click here and type in Tallulah or pacemaker in the search box. (I have many posts)

Miss JudyJudith is NOT retiring, nor is she getting rid of her workshop materials and “stuff” (as she so indelicately called the fruits of her labor).  Even though she is getting rather “long of tooth” she continues to see clients, make presentations and facilitate workshops.

What Miss JudyJudith MEANT to say is that she wishes to make available her Hypnotic Healing Recordings, workshop workbooks, instructions and on-line workshops for free/donation.  She, unlike me, is technologically impaired and can not figure out how to get the “stuff” (as she so indelicately called her life’s work) up on the web.

With my kindest regards,

Ta Ta!

Miss Tallulah Pacehead