20 Questions: Creativity Portal

This is Penelope

Several years ago Penelope Pig submitted her Eat, Pray, Love to CreativityPortal.  Penelope has subscribed ever since.  Chris Dunmire, the founder of Creativity Portal, got Penelope and me mixed up and she asked me to do an interview. (Please don’t tell Penelope).

Who Am I?

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral?

All of the above

  • I eat like an animal
  • Lay around like a vegetable

    Any resemblance to Penelope?

  • I wear mineral make-up

For the 20 questions and ANSWERS check out:  CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW PLEASE:  Twenty Questions: CreativityPortal!  COOL!

Chris Dunmire

P.S. This is Chris Dunmire
Writer, artist, humorist, and Creativity Portal® founder. Chris empowers clients to explore and engage more joyfully in their creative work while bringing their ideas to life.  http://www.creativity-portal.com/

Intentional Acts of Kindness

I have participants periodically decorate Random Acts of Kindness Cards in my workshops.

And when I give away one of my CDs I include a Pass-it-On kindness card.

When I saw Chris Dunmire’s Intentional Acts of Kindness page on her

CreativityPortal Blog Creativity-Portal.com

I said “YESSSSSS”!  That’s exactly what we need —–INTENTIONAL Acts of Kindness.

Here’ what Chris writes: “A kinder world, one thought at a time

Who has the power to make this a kinder world? You do! All it takes is for one person to ‘plant an act of kindness’ and it has the potential to grow and spread for everyone’s benefit.

Creativity Portal’s Kindness section has been visited by people worldwide seeking information about kindness and tools they can use to spread more kindness around in the world. We invite you to download some of our free printables below and visit other kindness Web sites so we can all participate in intentional acts of kindness and make life a little brighter for everyone.”

Chris has invented one fun way to inspire more kind acts to continue from person to person through her printable Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards. These cards are free for you to download, print, and use to spread more kindness in your home, office, school, or community.  So make sure you check them out on her blog.

Here’s a PDF copy of my card.  It’s printed on Business Card stock, front and back.

Acts of Kindness Cark, Front.jpeg

Acts of Kindness Card, back.jpeg

WHAT  is YOUR INTENTIONAL ACT OF KINDNESS ?  And what intentional act of kindness have you received?