Inky Dinky October – Swift & Divided

If you’ve followed Curious to the Max for a long time you know I’ve periodically participated in blog-challenges.   Having a chronic condition like fibromyalgia sometimes derails me so I talked Peggy Arndt, my co-blogger from CATNIPblog , into participating with me in Inktober.

INKTOBER: 31 Days, 31 drawings, based on pre-set prompts.  

Peggy & I have been doing ink sketches for CATNIPblog so here’s da plan:

I’ll post a drawing a day (we are a few days behind) on Curious to the Max with a once-a-week-retrospective on CATNIPblog for those of you who just want to click- off the dailies!

Riding bicycle, dark orange copy:border

October 1, SWIFT prompt,  Meowie Rides Again

Oct 2, Divided prompt, Woofer & Meowie

Tomorrow, I’ll post more “catch-ups”.

If you want to participate too, send us your ink sketches and we’ll post them with ours! Here’s the information:

7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Dear All My Best Friends.

My best friend Phylor and My best friend Wendy have both nominated CreativitytotheMAX for some kinda award.  To accept the award I have to divulge 7 things that all my best friends don’t know about me. You might be shocked so please sit down, but not on the toilet. I don’t want you to slip and I don’t want to be responsible for more humiliating behavior than I already have to endure.

7 (or 8) Things You Don’t Know About Me
by Max
1. I am a dog
2. I often pretend I’m asleep so humans will leave me alone.  They constantly engage in scratching and stroking and petting behaviors because humans have an insatiable need for love.
3. Everyone thinks it’s cute when I howl when humans sing but the reality is their voices hurt my ears and I’ll do anything to drown out their din.
4. I prefer to eat with chopsticks but all we have in the house are knives and forks.
5. I will drink water although I prefer beer.
6.  I prefer to pee in a toilet but because I’m so short I have to sit down and when I jump up the rim is very slippery and I don’t want to get wet so I have to resort to “going” outside in public and it is humiliating even though I cover my humiliation and no one suspects.
7.  My humans are not my real parents.
8.  I follow my humans into the bathroom because I am  afraid they will slip on the rim, get wet and they will have to pee outside and then I will REALLY be humiliated.

Wendy, Phylor, That’s 8.  Does that mean I have to nominate 8?  If so please ignore #1 as the rest are all universally experienced.

I nominate a few of My Best Friends:

Rosemary, Seeking Equilibrium

, Painandspirituality

Miss Creative , Chronicallycreative

Whyteferrets Blog, Ferretrunner

Ramesh Sood, A little More than Ordinary



P.S.  Wendy & Phylor, Thank you for my award (Dog cookies would be better but I gotta take what I’m given.  Cuz it’s a Dog’s Life)

P.P.S.  My Human had her eyeball lasered this evening and insisted I post because she said she needed to convalesce.  She’s just fine but such a drama queen. (don’t tell her I said that)

A personal interview with THE MAX

My New Best Friend Wendy  sent me her interview that she got from

Here’s MY interview.  You can do yours too.

1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information.

My name is Max.  I’m penniless, flawless and flealess.  I own two Humans.  I would like a pet cat,

2. what is super hot about you? <— don’t you Dare skip this one. answer it.
My hair.  In the summer it falls out in clumps so I can be cool.

3. don’t lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?
I have several couches and chairs and a bed or two.  Underneath all of them is dust and clumps of my super hot hair.  My Human is not what you’d call “fastidious”.

4. when was the last time you shaved your legs?
I never shave my legs.   I chew or lick them.

5. what did you have for breakfast?

Chicken, REAL chicken and lamb (fake lamb – it’s called Science diet- which I don’t get cuz I’m not overweight.)  I eat this for breakfast AND dinner every day —- borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.

6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?

 MaxYES !

7. have you ever had plastic surgery?
I’ve eaten a lot of plastic in my day, but never plastic surgery.  Are you sure you don’t mean PLASTIC SUGARY?

8. are you afraid of the dark?
I can see in the dark.  And what I see I can’t repeat in a public blog.

9. are you a hermit?
Wendy or someone checked Wikipedia:
“In modern colloquial usage, the term “hermit” is sometimes used for anyone living a life apart from the rest of society, or who simply does not participate in social events as much as is common, regardless of their motivation in doing so.”

I do live life apart from the mundane masses.  I would participant in many more social events but I’m not allowed to drive.

10. why do you blog?
Because I have loyal fans who adore me.

The End.

 Read Amy’s blog and be  interviewed:

Read Wendy’s blog:

Maxaiku by Max – charm

Me charming

Can’t help if I charm

It’s my personality

Comes naturally

Me contemplating

To get what I want

I give lots of licks to please

Sends them to their knees

Me napping

Treats and sleeps and walks

It is said it’s a dog’s life

Pretty true I’d say

Me eating

Pet Poets’ Prompts – Carry on Tuesday & Haiku Heights

Brown dog in the lake
Pushes the sky with his paws
The clouds float away

Haiku by Stephanie Lemieux

“Each week Carry On Tuesday (  will publish either a famous quotation or a line from a book, song or poem and invite you to Carry On where words stop. You may use some of the words or all of them either at the start of your piece or within the body of your work.”

“My candle burns at both ends”

I crave the taste

of human food my humans tend

I drool as I savor

the tasty flavor

then it’s out the other end.

by Max

Keeshonds are pretty
I don’t allow fleas on me
They are not allowed

Love Tootsie

 Maureen – which gives out word prompts for haikus.

Here’s Max’s Haiku at the new haiku prompt “INFATUATION”


No one can resist my kiss

Bragging, wagging Max

3 or 6 wishes for the New Year, from Max

Dear all my Best Friends,

Here are some NEXT YEAR’s wishes for you.  I could only think of 3 wishes but I liked 6 pictures.

May you have as much fun as you can before someone makes you stop.

May your human feed you what you want to eat.

May all your friends bring you love.

Maybe you can write me what the other 3 wishes could be?



P.S.  Thank you Carolyn for the inspiration for my wishes. LLLLL Max

“Look your best – who said love is blind? ” — Mae West

Thank you My Little Chickadees for such wonderful compliments!  You are deserving of have “Much Mae” in your lives.



Max: you look great in the Mae West wig.

She was always a favo(u)rite of mine, including the great exchange between her and W.C. Fields in a movie that I can’t remember the name of! She said “My little chickadee,” and he said “Come up and see me sometime.” Just too funny to see two of my favo(u)rites using each other’s “catch phrase” as they say today.
Glad to hear the Mae West is your muse: you’ve chosen well!


It’s too early in the morning for me to laugh so hard!! Love Laurie

P.S. Trixie sends her love to Max. Having never met she thinks the world of him and hopes he thinks the world of her!