Easy “P”easy Freddie

Freddie P. resting after exhausting doggie door lesson

Freddie Parker Westerfield. Little did I know when we kept the “Parker” his foster family named him that Freddie would continue to embrace the “P“.  

Freddie I surmise, in being neglected, learned to pee wherever and whenever the urge urged.

After several months of exhaustively walking him day and night to make sure he was on “empty” and after several gallons of Nature’s Miracle Freddie got a doggie door.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar – Nature’s Miracle is a miracle.  It is a natural enzyme that you POUR on urine.  It MIRACULOUSLY eliminates odors and stains.)

I watched YouTube video instructions “How to Train a Dog to Use a Dog Door”: Dog inside the house, human on the outside with treats; Dog on outside of door, human inside with treats.

Freddie is very smart and on the first day he quickly learned how to push the door open.  Easy “P”easy.

Freddie is VERY smart and on the second day, while I was outside calling “Use your door”, Freddie was peeing inside before bounding through his doggie door eager to get his treat.