Meet my Feet, Day 5

My journal pages are filled with scribbles, scrawls, doodles, smushes of paint and free writing as evidenced here:

Smushed paint, “found image”

Smushed paint, doodles with marker, free thought writing

This is what I wrote.  Looked at the picture I doodled and wrote spontaneously.

We create life trails and no not, not know

where they lead nor what we encounter on the way

as we make our way to an unknown end.

We leave a line for others to follow.  

The trail of our life

Clear paths or littered with debris.

Need to catch up? Here’s what happened to me:

In pain, Need Sympathy

Food for the HEEL


Move Over Butterfly Fish

Random blobs of water color

If you’ve been following my blog you know that fish posts have been good to me in blogland – Butterfly Fish, Glum Fish – I decided to honor them with a picture (and it amuses me).   Easy, Fun and anyone can do it.  

  • Took a child’s watercolor set  (I didn’t take it from a child – it’s my own child’s watercolor set I bought for $1)
  • Wet the paper with water in a random pattern.  (I used a brush but a make-up sponge or q-tip will work)
  • Put some red, orange and yellow watercolor on top of the wet paper and just let it flow.
  • Put some more red, orange and yellow watercolor on top again and let it flow.
  • After it dried I kept turning the paper around and around looking for my fish.

    Rotating the rotate


And there they were!
Took a fine line sharpie and outlined the little suckers (no complaints so I continued)
Gave them eyes so they could see what’s happening.
  • Took out my markers, colored pencils and started putting color on top of color
  • Then I doodled.  They didn’t seem to mind sooooo

The big guy doesn't look too happy with my doodle.

  • I doodled some more.
Lucky for them I’m doodled out today so they have time to acclimate to their current finery.  Can’t decide what to call each of them?  I think they are related to the Butterfly Fish, cousins several times removed.

MORE doodling

She's obviously easily amused . . .