Elephant & Ant

Elephant & Ant

Eleph and Ant are STARS

Don’t you ever forget it

Because Ant said so

          Improbable tale

          Created by Ramesh Sood

       With a wink of eye.

Here’s a tiny taste

Haiku with a twist and turn

with much more to come!


Bundles of Blessings

Life begins on a right note

Happy Eleph and Ant

Mooning and spooning

It’s time for honeymooning

Dear Ant wants to walk


Hand in trunk, both are

Oblivious to the world

Moving verrrrry, slow


Eleph inches along.

 Charming her mate with her gait,

Cute elfin walks tall.


Elephant stumbles.

Whoa whoa, I’m under your toe!

Ant besides him screams


Stayed tuned to see if Ant get squashed by Eleph!

  • Haiku is Japanese poetry form that has three meaningful lines which are complete and reflecting nature.
  • Haiku have syllabic limitations as well. Syllables and words aren’t the same thing. For e.g. the single word “traditional” would have four syllables since it’s pronounced “tra-di-tio-nal”.
  • A haiku is more showing than telling. It brings the meaning to you without actually expressing it.
  • A haiku has under, or at most, 17 syllables. If you wish to follow a rigid structure for your haiku, you can use a 5-7-5 syllable form, or a 3-5-3 syllable form.
  • You can write either a haiku, senryu (haiku related to emotions), haiga (haiku on picture) or haibun (story with haiku).

Thanks to Leo of Haiku-Heights for the explanation!

Check it out and  join in with you own haiku or read some wonderful haiku from other’s links.

Warning: “You’ll cry in a good way”

Elephant & Ant

Slowly, slowly I’ve been working on Ramesh Sood’s haiku tale of the love story between Elephant & Ant. I love elephants.

When I saw the story of Shirley and Jenny  on Sunshine and Chaos Maureen Ryan’s excellent blog I cried, just as Maureen had predicted “. . . in a good way”.

When you look at this remarkable film  you’ll love elephants too.

Argo Films  won 2 Emmys for the documentary The Urban Elephant. It was produced for Pbs and National Geographic.

XXXXXX to you Maureen Sunshine and Chaos

Elephant & Ant, SNEAK PEEK

Sneak Peek of Elephant & Ant !!!!!

ONLY YOU, yes YOU, no one else in the whole wide world,  have the first, the very first glimpse of What’s to COME!

An astounding, creative, lovable, incredible, unbelievable,

did I say lovable?, story of the Love Affair between

Elephant & Ant

 The start of the tail

A love story come to light*

You have the first peek

Elephant and Ant

An Unlikely love affair

to light up your life

She’s light on his feet

He is the light of her life

He’s not a light weight

He can’t see beyond his nose

the impossibility

That everyone knows

So stay tuned right here

There’s MORE to be brought to light

Just for your delight

In response to haiku prompts on Haiku-Heights  Ramesh Sood wrote a series of haiku about Elephant and Ant.  He’s now put the story between this  unlikely pair into rhyme – and I’m delighted to help him introduce them to you.

(The sketches on this page are preliminary and are not to be confused for the REAL Elephant and Ant)

Read Ramesh’s wonderful poetry on his blog:

A Little More Than Ordinary

*Haiku-Heights Prompt – Light