“Ode” to Sugar

Refined sugar is my drug of choice.   Lately I’ve been on a binge.   When my energy is flagging sugar is my go-to drug.  It’s also my choice when I’m bored . . .in pain . . . when I’m sad, happy . . . when it’s raining . . . snowing (anywhere in the world) . . . cloudy, clear, night or day . . .  

O’ lovely sugar

sweetest seductress ever

you never grow stale


O’  sugar of mine

as pure as the falling snow

cooling my senses


O’ sugar my love

with pangs in my head &  heart

you are a goner

I’ve not been feeling very well lately and no longer know which comes first – sugar or my symptoms.  Ultimately it makes no matter for I know that sugar is not good for me.  For the next month I’m going to ATTEMPT to keep refined sugar and it’s “carrier” white flour at least 10 feet from my lips.  (I was going to say mouth but I need those extra inches for safety.)

judy's journal, collage

judy’s journal, collage

I’ve tried abstaining from eating refined sugar before . . . . wish me strength of character and will (luck isn’t going to cut it). 

P.S.  Rosemary Lee, Seeking Equilibrium, is joining me.  Anyone else?  

Add your name in the comments box.  I dare you!

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, Sort of . . .

To all who have been worried about my absence I am so grateful for your love, concern and kind words.  Having a bit of brain fog, here’s a repeat of what I wrote Laurie F. as to my mysterious disappearance from Cyber Space (among other places!)

Judy’s Heart, in progress

“You are a dear. I’m ok. Just have had a bout of days with extremely low blood pressure (like  74/40) coupled with constant irregular heart beats. Weird. Stripped of energy from the low blood pressure.

Doctor ordered a 24 halter monitor – Wore halter monitor and you guessed it . . . blood pressure went TOO high and the irregular heart beats settled down into the usual, occasional.

My central nervous system is on a roller coaster and I’m sure it’s all fibromyalgia related.
I’m just tired with little energy and a brain drain.

The blog seems a bit daunting because it requires my THINKING!”

WIth love (to EVERYONE!),