Parrot this! (mimic mindlessly)

“Fear is just excitement in need of an attitude adjustment”

~ in a very wise fortune cookie

Polly the Parrot sez:
Polly the Parrot sez: “Polly wanna fortune cookie!”

Fears I’ve Overcome and Those to Come

Was talking to a client today about fear. Made me stop to think about my own fears.

  • I used to be fearful of aliens coming to “get me”.  I am pretty sure that the time it would have been useful for them to study me has passed.
  • I used to be afraid that my mind would go before my body.  Since watching the decline of my own parents I’m now fearful that my mind will NOT go before my body.  It may be a blessing not to be aware of what my limitations are.
  • I used to be fearful people wouldn’t like me.  I now consider it a compliment that certain people don’t like me
  • I used to be fearful of snakes. I spent hours in my early 20’s watching snakes (behind a glass exhibit) noticing  how beautiful their markings were, how incredible it was that they navigated their way with their tongue and how remarkable their ability to move was.  I still am afraid of snakes.
  • I used to be fearful of not getting good grades in school.  I’ve got all the diplomas now I need . . .or want.
  • I used to be terrified of dying.  I’m not afraid of that since I’ve embraced the Baha’i belief about the celestial realm.
  • I used to be fearful of never having a boy ask me to dance at high school dances.  Now I fear that if anyone asked they’d find out I can’t dance
  • I used to be afraid of heights.  I took a Wilderness Course in my 30’s where we had to climb poles, walk across streams on tiny logs and fall backwards off ledges into people’s’ arms.  I am still afraid of heights.

Hey! My list of fears has really been whittled down!

All I’m afraid of now is that there are snakes in heaven, I will be a dance instructor for eternity and that heaven is REALLY HIGH up.

Tell me what your fears are . . . or were!

Kay WalkerComment by Kay Walker 1 hour ago
Great post- especially the punchline!

I’m afraid I’ll never get a meaningful job again; that I will never have an income of my own again; that the depths of my depression will return; crocodiles/alligators- can hardly watch them on TV!; bee/wasp/bull-ant stings- very bad reactions and giant itchy lumps that last for 3 months; that I will have a stroke and be unable to do things. I’m not afraid of actually dying (I think it will be just like going under anaesthetic- no worries there), and only slightly concerned that some people may not like me- as you say- I’m quite pleased certain types don’t!