Riley isn’t just a dog – he’s a service-dog-to-be

A poem for Riley, by Freddie

Donate if you can.

help train Riley be a man

One dollar will do

even better is two.

It’ll all add up

for the pup!

Dear Human and other Beings,


This is a ferret

Riley is adopting Lydia.If you can help my friend Riley it would be very nice.   Lydia was a member of the armed forces when she suffered a head injury in a crash.

Lydia has ferrets whose job is to entertain her.

Riley’s job will be to help Lydia be more independent.

Riley will help Lydia when she is overloaded by sensory input. He’ll learn to remind her to take medication, how to balance her when vertigo hits her and help her be more involved in living life.

His training is expensive and he’s very smart like me. Riley, it appears, is all poodle.   I’m part poodle. I’m very smart, even the part that isn’t poodle.

There’s an online fundraising project to raise some of the expenses to train Riley.

GIVE FORWARD – Service Dog Fund

Thank you for Riley,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

You can read more about Riley and Lydia HERE and HERE

Why on earth should I keep Blogging? A letter to Lydias

Lydia's REAL Furry Ferret! "KODA BEAR"

I received this comment on the blog:

“Thanks. It gave me a smile to see my poem here. And the quote from mindfulness. I’m happy I stumbled on this blog. I was in a serious car accident a couple of months ago. I got a serious concussion and am still in the process of healing. This site encouraged me to explore more creativity. I can’t read music to practice my instrument but I can play with haiku. lol. It seems the rhythm of haiku is something my mind locks into a bit. (= Every day a new one; every day healing.”     Lydia,

About the Accident

Wreck, by Lydia

Ice stealing control
Gravity pulls, spiral down
Sudden crash, blackness.

Deep indigo sky
Crickets sing fireflies flash
Bright stars dance in night

Anxiety is
Shapeless dark monster pouncing
Snacking on life unlived

Paw thumping on floor
Ferret teeth chewing at itch
Wake up! It’s playtime!

Dear Lydia,

Sometimes I get discouraged.  It can be a very lonely, solitary experience connecting with thousands of people in cyberspace.  Well, not thousands, 80 or 90 at best and many of them are looking for information on butterfly fish – butterfly fish is the single most searched item on my blog, bar none.

I digress.  

I do get discouraged.  I often wonder if I would reach more people if I were more consistent in my blog topics.  I have a “swap meet-style” (you never know what you’re going to find – treasure or trash) rather than a “shoe store-style” (you always know what you’ll find, you just don’t know if it will fit).

I dismiss that thought because I have to amuse and interest myself to continue blogging in the event that no one else is amused or interested.  

What really makes me continue blogging are all “the Lydias”.  Every once in a while I get a message from someone like you who tells me that something I’ve written, or reposted has helped them in some small way.  

That brings a smile to my face, love to my soul and sends my fingers walking up and down the swap-meet aisles.

Thank you Lydia for taking your time to comment.


P.S.  If you want to meet Lydia’s Ferrets — about the cutest things I’ve seen go to: