My Foolproof New Year’s Resolutions

I NEVER make resolutions because I’m afraid – afraid I won’t keep them and then I’ll feel bad and then I’ll feel guilty and then I’ll tell myself I’m worthless and then I’ll get depressed and then I’ll isolate myself and then I’ll lose all my friends and then I’ll spend the rest of my life a broken, lonely woman collecting old memories like shards of broken glass.  

Now that I’m 70 (almost) it’s time I stopped living a life of fear.  This New Year I made resolutions that I know I can keep. 


  1. Modify and/or eliminate any resolutions I don’t do, forget what they are or don’t suit my fancy.
  2. Enter the HGTV Dream Home sweepstakes to win a house that has been professionally cleaned. (I am not giving you the link because I don’t want to diminish my chance of winning)
  3. Floss  (Gotta do it anyway cuz as I age my gums recede and coffee gets stuck in my teeth.)
  4. Get 5 hours of sleep every night (I already sleep 8 hours)
  5. Feed Freddie.  (Freddie made me include this)

I’m feeling braver already. 

If you have foolproof resolutions PLEASE let me know – I’m planning ahead for next year.

Watch “my” celebration!

“Dubai ushers in 2015 with world’s most-watched New Year’s Eve spectacle by Emaar and a Guinness World Records title. The ‘Largest LED-Illuminated Façade’ around Burj Khalifa was the centre of all glitz as it regaled the teeming spectators with one of the world’s brightest visual displays to date. Over 4.7 tonnes of fireworks were used for the fireworks display with 25,000 shots lighting up the sky!”


Hooked on Haiku & Love

July 4th

Independence Day

when hate and greed are banished

from land of plenty


 Fireworks of mind

respect, compassion and love 

sparklers of the heart


It’s freedom for all

when the world is lit in love

until then we pray



View from my deck

“You are living upon the great continent of the West, enjoying the perfect liberty, security and peace of this just government.  There is no cause for sorrow or unhappiness anywhere; every means of happiness and enjoyment is about you, for in this human world there is no greater blessing than liberty . . .







  . . . You do not know.  I, who for forty years have been a prisoner, do know.  I do know the value and blessing of liberty.  For you have been and are now living in freedom, and you have no fear of anybody.  Is there a greater blessing than this? 

Freedom!  Liberty!  Security! 

These are the great bestowals of God .  .  . ”   

(`Abdu’l-Baha:  Promulgation of Universal Peace, Baha’i Faith)

It’s Time to be Free

FREE at last, It’s TIME.
Need to shout I’m haiku’d out!
FINALLY time to rhyme

(with apologies to all my Haiku friends for being so “free” with the form this month!  I just can’t help myself . . not that I’ve tried . . .)

I’ve enjoyed immensely reading your creations . . .  Thank you for the inspirations. Haiku-on!)

Humph. I TOLD you she’s melodramatic . . .