eat FISH in the NUDE to celebrate DWALI

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog and Monkeys don’t lie.


Butterfly fish swimming in the nude.

FISH RULE!  As a matter of fact EVERY year since 2010 my top post is about FISH.  FISH! Who woulda guessed?!  It doesn’t surprise me that Christine Lagarde post got a lot of hits.  After all, I did have “nude” in the title.

Here’s an excerpt from the Monkey Report (with edits by me):

“4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde fully clothed as she always is in public

had 35,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 FISH Film Festivals.”  And if each view was a fish lover who had pet fish that’s 35,000 aquarium (not counting Koi ponds), home to an average of 10 fish per aquarium which equals 350,000 fish who are dearly loved.

Next year I’m thinking about writing a post “Christine LaGuard eats nude fish to celebrate Dwali”  and watch the views go through the roof! 

happy-diwali-greetingsClick here to see the complete report and proof of how important fish, Dwali and nudity are to the blogging community (which includes YOU, my friend)!!!

P.S. Alas, the 607 views in one day included about 500 spammers . . .

Something’s Fishy

As Laurie F. reminded me:  It’s Fish Post TIME!I.  (For those of you new to the blog you’ll have to read this post to understand my preoccupation with fish and driving up blog hits)

Take a look at this fishy specimen!  Beady little eyes, Bumpy body, Floppy tail.

Ah ha!  Fooled you!  It’s a microscopic view of  a 6 day old human embryo beginning to implant into the endometrium, the lining of the uterus.  This is exactly what YOU looked like when you were 6 days old – a fish.

“Humph! How Rude. Judy owes YOU ALL an apology”



Fishy Fishy Walk on Land

I feel a fish-post coming on!

Fishy fishy in a brook

Papa catch ’em with a hook

Mama fry ’em in a pan

Baby eat ’em like a man


Fishy Fishy walk on land

Papa bury head in sand

Mama go get aquarium

Baby now, vegetarian

For those new to my blog, “fish” is the single biggest – DAILY – word search hit.  To amuse myself I routinely drive up the hits with more FANTASTIC Fishy Facts. (This was the post that naively started it all: Butterfly Fish and the Singles Scene)

Hey, don’t tell me YOU don’t think mudskippers aren’t FANTASTICALLY fascinating! 


Stoned Fish (Parenthetically Speaking)

Stoned Stone Fish

I feel a FISH post coming on!

For those of you new to CreativitytotheMax FISH is the single most searched for word that leads to this blog.  Go figure.  It all started serendipitously with this post  Butterfly Fish and the Single Scene

In order to amuse myself ( I amuse easily) and see if it drives up more fish hits I started posting interesting (well, to me anyway) things about the fishy underworld.

SOOOOOOOOO on that note here’s a double whammy word search for you:  STONE(D) and FISH.  (Stayed tuned)

“This fish has no scales, appears to be a rough stone with a rounded fish body and huge bug-like eyes. It weighs about 5 pounds and can grow to about a foot long, (The fishy biblical version – A foot for a foot).  It feeds upon other fish gliding above what they think is nothing but a harmless rock. Many a small fish or shrimp has become a meal for a fish so quick it snaps up its prey in less than a 15th of a second (Fast fish Food).
Human victims of the stonefish’s venom can’t do much to save themselves with the possible exception of applying heat. The application of heat to the stonefish’s venom renders the toxin somewhat ineffective. (Always carry a heating pad with you to the beach). But in cases where a simple application of heat won’t save the day, anti-venom is available. (if you can make it to a hospital before you die). Fishermen and others not careful about where they walk will feel the deadly sting of this remarkable animal, and some may not live to tell the (fish) tale.

The stonefish is prey to bottom-feeding scavengers like sharks. (When did you ever think you’d thank a shark?) However, its defense, the row of 13 (hmmmm) spines along its back, is quite effective against any fish that may attempt to put its jaws (what would posses any self-respecting fish to do that? – must be teen-ager fish) around the stonefish. The venom causes severe pain, paralysis and shock, and, once discharged, takes a few weeks to regenerate itself. (Always check first when was the last time the venom was discharged before thinking about stepping on a stone fish) During this time. the stonefish is not necessarily rendered helpless, the spines are still painfully sharp and surgically incisive.

The stonefish is not threatened or endangered in any way. (If I looked like that I’d be left alone too.)

This post dedicated to Laurie “FISHler”

(we had a tiny revelry but you’ll have to see for yourself:

Eppiglottis vs Butterfly Fish)


Good Question: can u tattoo over a fish?

Epiglottis has sunk to the bottom of word searches on my blog, fish & butterfly fish are still at the top

BUT THE STRANGEST word search last week was: can u tattoo over a fish!!!!!

Now you know I couldn’t leave that one alone.  So I googled “can u tattoo over a fish”.

 (never did find the link to this blog in the word search?)

I hope you are sitting down to see what I learned.

And if you don’t want to take the time to read/view what I learned  this “head shot” sums it all up

Heres what is #1 when I googled “can u tattoo over a fish”


“At Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets in Williamsville, N.Y., owner Steve Lane is selling tattooed fish for the first time. Some have polka dots, some have stripes and others even have pink hearts.
The fish are imported from Singapore. Lane believes they have to be restrained and then tattooed with a tattoo gun.
Lane believes the tattooed fish just might develop a love of the hobby for some people.
“My hope is if it gets more people into the hobby it’s a good thing. If a kid comes in and sees a fish with a heart on it and says I want a fish tank and learns how to care for it, I think it’s a win,” says Lane.”


“All of 47 pages full of special Koi fish tattoo information and indeed, this tattoo is very special. Its history is long and eventful. It is just the kind of lore to fantasize on, whenever you see the tattoo on your body. Even though many men will say they are not sentimental, that is because they have not worn this tattoo yet.
It invokes a feeling of power, of honor and strength. If you know the history of Koi the warrior, you will never back down in the face of any challenge. The 47-page guide may sound like too much, but if you are like me, you will not want to stop reading and mulling over fabulous tattoo details once you get it.

And if you hurry you will get it free, download and read and then go to your favorite tattoo artist.”


P.S.  Before you get your tattoo I’d advise reviewing #1

It’s a Horse Race Out There! “Naked Mole Rat” the newest thoroughbred?

New to CreativitytotheMax?  Want to fully understand this post?  Take a look at:

this is the post that started it all :

If you’re a “gambling man . . . er woman” and could care less about understanding anything . . .

Place your bets!

Photograph courtesy of NGT

Welcome folks to the Search Word Sweepstakes. It’s a fine day here in Cyberland, home of the Blog Search Word Race of Champions.  We’ve got  an incredible group of thoroughbreds.  

Wait!  I just got word that  “Epiglottis” scratched at the last moment.  No definitive word just yet but “Epi” is known to choke at the last moment.

Let’s take a look at our newest little filly “Naked
Mole Rat” and her breeding  background:

A Naked Mole Rat is neither a mole nor a rat. (She’s a rodent in rat race clothing). These pinkish, bald rodents spend their entire lives in virtually complete darkness, (if I looked like that I’d spend my life in complete darkness too)  weaving their way through an underground network of burrows and tunnels. Within their dark universe, they’ve evolved a rigid society that has more in common with ants or bees (Talk about identity crisis) than with a typical mammalian social circle. At the top is a long, strong (sexy) queen. As long as she lives, she and a few chosen boy toys (Boy toys stay around because they can’t see her either) are the only ones that breed. The queen keeps the rest from mating by sheer intimidation (Not only long, strong, sexy, ugly, she’s not nice – a sure winning combination). Some mole rats are drafted as soldiers to protect the colony from rival mole rats and predators. Other mole rats tend to the young, clean burrows, dig tunnels and look for food.  (No need for a fancy hairdo’s for that kind of life.) Their giant incisors are actually outside their mouths, so the mole rats can shovel away without eating dirt (there’s more than enough dirt with a queen like that) Though nearly blind, (see, I told you that’s why the boy toys stay) special hairs on their body help guide them and tell them where they are going. (kinky)

Now, let’s go to the track! (pun intended)

All the word racers are lined up at the gate.  There’s the bell!  

aaaaaaaaand they’re OFF!

Christine LaGarde Nude”, is moving up on the right, passing “Why Best Friends are like Bras”, aaaaaand she’s gaining on “Fish”, who is running neck and neck – or should I say fin on fin – with “Fish with Eyespots”.  . . .  but wait!  Here comes the new filly – or should I say rat. . .  er mole . . . er rodent  . .

. . . will “Naked Mole Rat be a  contender  . . . . . . .

Incredible! Cuttle up to a Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish getting ready to camouflage to Green Seaweed

“I am in awe of you, you even got NPR on your project. I am bowing down to you in admiration. Is there no end to your powerful influence???!!!! I think not. Love and Cuddlefish (Hugs) your friend, Laurie F.”

Dear Laurie F.  This is the best FISH post ever!  

Make sure you see the video below!

Even his antennae mimic the seaweed!


“He’s a little odd-looking, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this animal. A relative of the octopus and the squid, cuttlefish have tentacles, squishy bodies, no bones and a remarkable talent for mime. Place this guy next to a plastic underwater “plant,” and in no time, he will assume the guise of his neighbor. He will pucker his skin, splay his body, hold his tentacles, and adjust his coloration in a Marcel Marceau-like attempt to blend in. Cuttlefish can hold an attitude for 20 minutes or so. Like so:”

“They are so good at this, in part because they don’t have bones, but also because they’ve got big brains and a distributed intelligence that allows them to pucker, stretch and sculpt themselves in ways we can’t even remotely copy. Our skin? We do goose bumps. They choose these attitudes. This is their art. Next to them, we’re pathetic. When I was at ABC News, I got marine biologist Roger Hanlon to introduce me to one of his lab cuttlefish, who matter-of-factly disappeared before my eyes. Or tried to.”


Do you know where your Epiglottis is tonight?

Mr. Epi Glottis

(If you missed the original Epiglotitis and FISH Face-off post between Laurie and me, you’d better read it so you can fully appreciate this post.  Here it is!)

This is the post, written by Laurie Fessler, that started it all!

Calling Epiglottitis A Bitch Is A Vast Understatement

“I have had epiglottitis twice; it is an ulcerated part of your epiglottis, below your throat, hidden in thieves. It is the worst pain I have ever had and I’ve had it two years in a row. Nobody knows what causes it, they think it’s a viral infection. As much as I have BEGGED for answers on how to prevent from getting it again, there are no answers. The doctors shake their heads kindly but have no information.”

Concession Speech

By Laurie Fessler

“Shameless promotion for the blogfish, blobfish contest!!!! Ha Ha,

I think you win!!

Besides, who wants a really horrific sore throat that makes them want to die?”

Love, Laurie F.

Here’s what YOUR epiglottis looks like and where it’s located.

No wonder it hurts when you get epiglottitis!

P.S.  And here’s the post that started it all on my blog.  (I have to confess that I have lots of “FISH” posts to drive up my blog searches.  Laurie only has a couple of Epiglottis posts.  Please don’t tell her I’ve loaded the deck ….)

Jumbo Journal groupshop

Session #2 of the Monday & Tuesday Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShops: We did “stacked writing”: Each participant was given a variety of papers and permanent markers.  Instructions are to write their feelings about their personal healing focus:  Write big, sloppy, continuously, write on top of writing, rotate paper, write more,  write on top of writing, rotate again and write, write write until “written out” Yup, you got the idea.

  • Writing-on-top-of-writing creates a textured design.
  • You can say ANYTHING you want, no holds barred
  • No one, including you, can read what is written
Lastly, the stacked writing is torn or cut and mod-podged in the journals they created last week.
Take a look!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Blog Search Faceoff
Count for Tuesday Oct 12th
Fish: 38
Epiglottitis: 0

The State of Happiness

A huge part of my job as a therapist is to help people learn that emotional states which are out of proportion in intensity or duration of time to the actual in-the-moment circumstances are what are called emotional memory from experiences that happened in the past.

 It’s rarely prudent or wise to behave/react based on emotional memory.  In a later post I’ll explain more of what I mean.

 In the meantime, Laurie Fessler puts what I struggle to teach in a simple, direct and wise way.  Here’s her post:

The Absence Of Happiness
By hibernationnow

I used to think you were either happy or sad but I’ve discovered a secret. The absence of happiness does not necessarily mean sadness. There are many things in between this range of emotions. Contentment is one of them, so is acceptance; not swinging too high for expectations or too low for disappointment like trapeze artists in the circus. Life, if you choose it, can be one continuous ride, gently swaying back and forth, back and forth as if you were sitting on an old, white porch swing. Things can change around you but they do not necessarily need to change you within.

It doesn’t mean you have to live without emotions nor does it mean you have to feel overly anxious, happy, too sad or very depressed. It means accepting what comes your way and not fighting like a roaring, clawing tiger but also, NOT laying limply against a rock, waiting to die.

It’s a state of mind that is hard to describe but delicious to live through. I sat on a chair in a lobby yesterday and learned a great deal from an older gentlemen that I did not know. It’s listening more than talking. It’s not overreacting like every nerve ending is set on fire. This man talked in hushed whispers all about his experiences as a young man. He spoke to my dog like he was Cesar Milan, the dog whisperer, noting her behavior, her adoration, her anxiety, her love.

Try and stay in the shadows of your emotions, step back in your mind, reach for the neutral button or better yet, the pause button. Reach out to others with kindness, honesty and inspiration. You will find what you are looking for more from leaning back to listen than leaning forward to interject. Kindness is here, believe in it. Lessons can be learned from everyone and every thing. Wait for it, with patience, it will come.


Fish – 14  on Sunday Oct

Fish – 19 Monday

Epiglottitis – 0

The Fessler Fish

Fishy Fessler

It’s time for another FISH post to drive the blog stats up.  STILL get the most searches on a DAILY basis, bar none,  for “FISH”.  Who knew?

Laurie F. sent me this fishy picture. This post is dedicated to her!

In a pond far far away

Is where the Fessler Fish stay

You’ll know them by their markings

the three eyes in their head

always knowing what goes on

even when in bed

Most are orange, a few are gray.

Not one is dumb

And they do not prey

Although they’re very mellow

You’ll hear them when they bellow

Perhaps you know a Fessler

living by your pond?

A fish you’re attached to

and have become very fond.

Fesslers are quite tasty

as flaky as can be

So next time you meet one

Invite them in your sea.

Fish Inspiration, compliments of Laurie Fessler.

Silly with a Smile!

Decided to start the year out smiling.  So I am taking SILLY 3, an on-line class with Carla Sonheim.

Every day for a month Carla sends a stupid, er silly, worksheet out which you color, doctor, rearrange, derange, interpret in a stupid, er silly, way.  I took Carla’s Silly 2 and it was really fun being SILLY.  AND!  It’s cheap, er inexpensive.  If you’re interested here’s the link.

Above is my first Silly practice worksheet.  I cut hair out from an Oprah magazine and pasted it on the fish, gave them big lips and colored the page with crayon and oil pastel.