The Year of the Fairy Tale – 68 fleurs, but who’s counting?

In my loooooooosening up efforts I’ve added 18 more fleurs to my botanical collection.  I’m trying to do them more quickly and not focus on doing them “just right” – but I notice I get tighter the more I draw. Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre they are!

DSCN5588DSCN5586In case you’ve not noticed, we are encouraged to use flower images that are a bit non – traditional.

Several have asked what The Fairy Tale Assignment is for this month.  It’s French:  “Blondine, Bonne-Biche, and Beau-Minon”   I’d never heard of it so it’s a nice discovery.  It’s full of flora and fauna.  And that’s what we are drawing flora and fauna.

32 fleurs to go . . . but who’s counting . . .

Year of the Fairy Tale
Year of the Fairy Tale