Freddie’s Friday’s Fantastic Finds

NOT Freddie, Male ModelDear all my dearest fans,

SInce retiring Peggy & Judy (hereby referred to as P & J) have not been able to keep me in the style in which I prefer to be kept.  Gourmet doggie treats, doggie day care and trips to the salon are not, so they say,  in their Social-Security-check budget (Social Security, it seems, is neither very social nor secure . ..  for canines).

I thought about crowd-funding but have settled on T-shirts.  They require no ironing and are user-friendly (the T-shirts as well as P & J).

Please buy my T-shirts. click here  They make wonderful Canine Companion Clothing for all  dog and human-walking.  I promise to use all the proceeds for MY DOGGONE GOOD.


Freddie Parker Westerfield, CCE

Certified Canine Entrepreneur

Man’s Best Friend LimERICKs

LimERICK by Rick

Dogs are incredibly likeable creatures
with many commendable features.
They sniff and they lick
and rarely get sick
whether named Freddie or Duffy or Peaches.

(couldn’t find a name to rhyme with features)

Duffy, Ozzie and
Duffy, Ozzie . . .  and  . . .  Peaches?

*     *     *

LimeRick by Freddie

There once was a dog named Freddie

he sleeps a lot in his beddie

never wears clothes

checks you out with his nose

much more cuddly than any teddie

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Parker Westerfield


Freddie-less Friday (again . . .)

Me, all alone at home on Freddie Friday There's NO truth in advertising . . .

Me, all alone at home on Freddie Friday
There’s NO truth in advertising . . .

Dear all my Human-Beings,
My Human-being, once again, didn’t take me to the Freddie Friday night HeART of Spirituality & Creativity workshop.

My Human-being told me everyone made prayer/inspiration cards and showed me these pictures as proof she wasn’t walking in the park.  I was suspicious because she stayed out very late.

I  took her for a walk when she got home.

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
Canine Dog Therapist
P.S.  Thank all of you who, in addition to the $13 fee, left me a donation for doggie cookies!!!   

P.P.S. Click on a picture and a slide gallery will appear!  Then you can see BIG pictures. (My Human-being JUST figured this out . . . after 3+ years . . . )

Its’a FREDDIE Friday

Dear all my Human-beings,

My human-being got carried away . . . again.  She decided to cut a few pieces of my hair that had matted. My hair is very fine and soft.  I lead a very active life getting petted by a lot by people and it can get clumped.  Human-beings  get great comfort in petting me.  I let them.

My human-being got carried away . . . she cut ALL my hair ALL over my body.

My before picture

Hair still on my body

Hair still on my body

My after picture:

Me and my cut hair

Me and my cut hair

Just between you and me I think she didn’t want to pay $50

for grooming which makes me look like this:



At least she left my tail alone:


The End

Sincerely yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

Freddie’s Fundamentals of Life


Christina Viera, Advanced Style

Dear Human-beings,

If you’re confused about your direction in life never, ever, NEVER  lie down in the street.  It’s not safe, not comfortable, not clean. Keep walking and sniffing. You will always find something to claim as territory and leave your mark.  Trust me, it will  be a big “relief”.

Fundamentally yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

P.S.  My Human-being has been lying in the middle of the street for a while.  I have to be very patient with her . . . it’s hard being human.

The Fibro-Freddie Fix

After, Informal snap shot

YOUR Freddie dose

Dear all my Humane-Being friends and admirers,

As you already know my human-being has fibromyalgia & heart arrhythmias. (It would be impossible for you not to know because she reminds everyone all the time).  However,  you may not know that:

she has found a CURE !!!

THE BEST  medication she regularly takes is a dose of Freddie.    I’m always available, no prescription needed and I give her as many  refills as she wants, whenever she wants (I’m pretty sure she’s addicted).

 I may be more expensive than her other meds.  She rudely pointed this out today by waving the $162.72 Vet bill – I have a small ear infection – at me.  I promptly gave her another dose of Freddie.

Since I’m in charge of refills it can be exhausting keeping up with her need for a  fix.  (Treats, walks and sleep have to be regularly injected into my “capsule”).

Faithfully yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog

P.S.  Before I forget – check out


NFA Facebook has a humongous amount of information – lots’a questions & answers, research news, short videos on things that I provide relief from. (I’m not suppose to end a sentence with a proposition but I love propositions – like proposing to go for a rest right now).  Time for my refill.

Me, getting my refill

Me, getting a refill

Cheerfully Schmutzy


Freddie is smutzen!

Freddie got a bath today because he had schmutz on his face.  Schmutz?  It’s a yiddish word that is largely untranslatable.

Here’s an example from the web:
schmutz: “Used by Jewish mothers to identify that you’ve got some kind of “crap” on your face”*

(Good Jewish mothers never use words like crap.  They don’t have to. Schmutz says it all.)

Freddie doesn’t like baths so I explained to him that” “God loveth those who are pure. Naught . . .  in the sight of God is more loved than purity and immaculate cleanliness.” The Báb, Baha’i

He still wanted a treat for his bath ordeal. 
*South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a dirty or slovenly person, from German Schmutz ‘dirt’, Middle High German smuz. South German: nickname for a cheerful person, from a noun derivative of Middle High German smutzen ‘to smile’.