Jumbo Journal GroupShop, Week 4

Spontaneous Poetry was on tap for this week.  It’s easy, relaxing, expressive and turns everyone into a modern poet.

Here’s how:

  1. Cut words, phrases out of newspaper and magazines.
  2. When you’ve gotten a good pile of words focus on a theme, feeling, issue etc.
  3. Arrange the words on a blank sheet of paper to create a NON-rhyming poem (often called “free verse”)
  4. You can cut out individual letters to create plurals, prepositions, change tenses etc or simply write them in.
  5. Paste them down, paint them, outline them or leave them plain and you’re done!
Take a look!

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JUMBO Journals – The Colors of my Life

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Can you believe that these were done with a credit card as their “paint brush”?

These are from the Monday afternoon Therapeutic Creative Expression GroupShop.

Not one drop of acrylic pain on the floor but there was some on the wall!