A 45 Second Gift

“Take pride not in love for yourselves but in love for your fellow-creatures. Glory not in love for your country, but in love for all mankind. Let your eye be chaste, your hand faithful, your tongue truthful and your heart enlightened”.  The Baha’i Faith

Can you take 45 seconds a day to contribute to

and support causes in which you may have an interest? 

P1010944My brother Rick sent me this reminder about the Hunger Site. The first thing he does when he turns on his computer is to click on


The site includes links to donations per FREE click to causes for:

  • Breast cancer
  • Veterans
  • Animal shelters
  • Autism
  • Rain forest preservation
  • Diabetes
  • Literacy
  • and more . . .

“The sites show results (About Us) for donations and clicks on a daily basis. Every “drop”/click helps fill the pool! This could be a part of your daily routine when you turn on your computer or log on to the internet.  Sponsors provide additional support via purchases on the site (some have very cool, interesting gift ideas!.”

In 10 years Rick has  clicked on the links enough times to provide:

  • 2500 cups of food to those in need
  • 1500 bowls of food to animals in shelters
  • preservation of a half-acre of rain forest
  • a half hour of therapy for children with autism
  • 20+ meals to homeless Veterans
  • and more

One click gifting time

love and pride for all mankind

The power is yours

Clouds & Consciousness

http-inlinethumb28.webshots.com-41819-2031749600103830173S600x600Q85Two cyberspace worlds just collided for me:  I am following the Linkedin discussion What would a spiritual, conscious world look like?,  then saw the Haiku Heights prompt “Cloud”.   Both coalesced in my own clouded mind:

when clouded minds clear

blowing away ego storms

Love will flood the earth

Haiku-Heights prompt - SWING

prompt – CLOUD

No room in my heart for prejudice, Baha'i faith


My First Art Class

Baha’i teaches: “We must not only be patient with others, infinitely patient, but also with our own poor selves.” – Abdu’l-Baha

The first art class I ever take is first semester, freshman year in college 1983. I think it will be a fun way to get units.

Placing object in a scene

MOVING object in a scene

Rabbit pitcher with cigarette in pour-hole.  (parents smoked, it was 1963)

Rabbit pitcher with cigarette in pour-hole. (parents smoked, HEY! it was 1963)

We work on easels, drawing huge pictures on large sheets of paper.  The first class I discover that during breaks students walk around the room looking at each others drawings. I walk around too.  Their drawings are REALLY good, so good that I dread going to the second class and the first class is only half-way over.

Second class I get there early to claim my spot.  I position my easel at the very back of the room, in a corner, making it very difficult for anyone, including the teacher, to see my drawings.

Anatomy study - my own foot with a plastic rose

Anatomy study – my own foot holding a plastic rose (better than a cigarette)

The teacher walks around the room commenting on the students’ drawings.  He scrunches himself in the corner to see my drawings, says nothing and walks on.  The third class he pulls me aside and instructs me to get a large sketchbook and draw 50 pictures outside the class. (Turns out this is the ONLY instruction he ever gives me the entire semester)

The fourth class I discover I am the only student enrolled who isn’t an art major and has never taken an art class in their life.  Being straight out of high school and extremely conscientious it never crosses my mind to withdraw.  It probably crosses the art teacher’s mind.  To my relief the other students stop trying to see what I’m drawing.


Mom’s kitchen, staged – slightly askew

P.S. I kept the sketch book.   I commuted to the University from home so all my drawings were things in or around my parent’s house.  I was always desperate trying to find things that were easy to draw. The 4 drawings on this page are some of my first 50 sketches.   That was the last drawing class I ever took at that University.

Drawing class

painful,  humbling

Sketch book – priceless

and now drawing with words, my “Health” haiku:

creating from heart

pure emotion of being

soul singing out loud