3 EXCELLENT Reasons not to Exercise

My husband is always after me to exercise. In Southern California it’s difficult to use weather as an excuse so I have to use CreativitytotheMAX

1.  Fibromyalgia Brain Fog:

  • “What!? It’s midnight already!? I was just about ready to go for my walk”;
  • “Are you sure? I could swear I exercised today”;
  • “I couldn’t walk today. I locked myself in.”;
  • “What do you mean the doctor stressed exercise?! I could swear she told me not to stress over exercise.”

It’s difficult to keep up with Brain Fog excuses because I forget them.  So I moved on to bigger and better reasons.  My body is always cooperating.

Tallulah PaceHead, my pacemaker

2.  Heart Problems

When I began to get light-headed on my walks and it wasn’t  the heat, lack of food or dehydration. It was my heart arrhythmia. NOW I really had a good reason not to exercise.

It was heart arrhythmia that led to my getting Tullulah, My pacemaker.
The cardiologist said “Absolutely exercise is fine now.

(in case you missed my heart arrhythmia “story” here are the 3 main posts)

Want the ENTIRE saga, including all the PIN-UP pictures of Tallulah?
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3.  Foot Problems

My body, bless its little heart (pun intended) continues to cooperate.  These last few months my foot has REALLY hurt.  The doctor says it’s joint inflamation leading to nerve entrapment.
NOW THIS IS AN EXCUSE if I ever had one.  I limped everywhere, grimacing wildly so my husband could make NO mistake that it was too painful to exercise.
He bought me a folding recumbent bike.

Come to think about it, I actually get a lot of exercise running out of reasons.

Should I get a tattoo on my pacemaker scar?

I’ve decided to get a tattoo over my pacemaker scar.

shared this with a friend who suggested I check with my cardiologist before I did anything rash.  Google was faster, and possibly a more reliable resource for fashion, than a cardiologist. I googled: “Can I have a tattoo with a pacemaker.”  I am not the only one who wants a tattoo on their pacemaker scar – HUNDREDS of inquiries.

Do you have any idea how MANY tattoos there are to choose from?  Here are a few possibilities that might reflect my personality.

Apparently there are a couple of potential problems for having a tattoo done over a pacemaker scar:

  • The electromagnetic (EMI) of the tattoo tool interferes with the pacemaker’s function,
  • The possibility that since pacemaker wires are near the skin they might accidentally get damaged in the process.
  • The tattoo machine needs to be 6 inches away from pacemaker site which would put my tattoo on my belly button . . . or worse.

None of those problems seem as insurmountable as this warning:  “When you get old the tattoo will be all wrinkly”

I’m getting a fake stick-on tattoo.

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