There’ll be a change in the weather, a change in the sea

California Dream’n

Seasons never change

The finest monotony

Every day the same

Haiku-Heights prompt is “Change” AND got this comment from my post The Magic of Imagery. Talk about synchronicity!

“Really in Oregon? bring anti-depressants. the address is in califiornia so once again i don’t know if you are KIDDING ME. if it was in california I’d be tempted to go. Oregon, no way, anytime of the year. let me know. was in oregon for a week in their “sunny” period. it rained the entire time, most depressing vacation, ever.” PK JR.

 Dear PK JR.

Yup, Oregon. Nice change from all this unremitting sunshine and all the horror that goes with it:

  • Always slathering my body with ooey gooey sunscreen
  • Watching hundreds of women at the beach wearing bikinis with bodies like Jennifer Anniston. (excruciating)
  • Green Christmases
  • Yearning to feel the way Gene Kelly did when he danced around light poles in <em>Singing in the Rain</em>.
  • Getting my coif totally messed up from riding in convertibles
  • The energy it takes to wash off sand and grit after a day at the beach (No one understands the true grit one has to have to live here)
  • The monotony of one day after the other, after the other, after the other with the same weather.
  • The hours it takes dead-heading flowers that bloom all year long.
  • The expense of watering lawns that never go dormant.

And the very worst – not being a “morning” person and always waking up to sunshine.  Now THAT’S agony.

“Why, there’s a change in the weather, there’s a change in the sea,

So from now on there’ll be a change in me,

Why, my walk will be be different, and my talk, and my name,
Nothing about me gonna be the same;
I’m gonna change my way of living, and that ain’t no shock,
Why, I’m thinking of changin’ the way I gotta set my clock,
Because nobody wants you when you’re old and gray.
There’s gonna be some changes made today,
There’ll be some changes made.”

This post is dedicated to Laurie Fessler who never ceases to inspire me.  

Check out her blog HibernationNow and you’ll see why . . .

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow, by Max

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

by Max

There once was a dog named Max
who lost all his facial hair
he claims it was meds
that took the hair from his heads
and swears he never bought “Nair”

Me, well-groomed and handsome

Dear All My Best FANS & Friends,

Now that all* of you are asking why my picture hasn’t appeared with my Haiku, telling me you miss me (in addition, to the accolades I receive for my innate ability to wax poetic) I am coming “clean”, so to speak.

As you know, well maybe you don’t know, but now you will know, my doctor has put me on heart medication and a diuretic because I have a heart murmur.  

I suspect I caught my heart problem  from my Human, who as you know, well maybe you don’t know, but she’s talked about it enough so you should know  (don’t tell her I said that) she has heart problems. She and I are in close contact because she craves touch and attention (don’t tell her I said that) that it wouldn’t surprise me.

Well, I started taking the medication and my Human began to notice there were clumps of my beautiful hair all over the house.  She is not very fastidious (don’t tell her I said that).  And then, lo and behold, she looked at me one day and noticed that all my beautiful locks were no longer on my head, which of course had been all over the floor for days. In addition to not being very fastidious, she’s obviously not very observant (don’t tell her I said that).

So now, instead of all those girly words like adorable, cute, fluffy and precious I am now manly, handsome and well groomed.



P.S.  Please notice my beautiful big brown eyes are now the center of my handsomeness.

*Lexi-Pro & Laurie F, Hibernationnow


Dear Laurie,

This is a feeble response to your post about your life, love and losing dear Callie.  

In the first century of my life I came to the conclusion that all life is about loss.  Yet without having any meaning for loss I experienced the unspeakable fear of losing my parents, my health, my loved pets.  I was sure I would drown in the pain, be paralized by the grief.  

Now, in the second century of my life I am even more sure that all life is about loss.  And the purpose?  Well, we all have to struggle with that question, each in our own way.

For me, personally, my purpose is to learn to let go gracefully of earthly possessions, people, pets to know that death is a beginning of the journey into eternity with God, not an end.

If I didn’t believe I would drown in the pain, be paralized by the grief.  

Yet as your loss touches me and it’s easier to say than do.


Below is the end of Laurie’s post.  

Read the whole post on Laurie’s Blog, Hibernationnow, The Best Is Yet To Be ( A True Story)
“When my children were little, in third grade and second, I surprised them with a puppy. A sweet ball of fur from the shelter, only six-weeks old. The most well-behaved dog you can imagine, demure and cuddly who wanted nothing more than to sit in my lap and sigh with contentment. Earlier this month I gave her a big tenth birthday party as I have every year, with my daughter and our friends Margaret and Christina; I even bought hats and paper plates. I took photographs of us.

It’s been only two weeks but now she is dead. I brought her in to the veterinarian because she yelped softly twice but otherwise seemed fine. I felt silly bringing her in to the veterinarian but I did anyway. He examined this perfectly looking dog and said “I feel something.” He kept her there all day for an X-ray and blood tests and I called later that afternoon for the results.

He scheduled her for surgery, the following day, she had a mass on her spleen and he would have to take her spleen out but, as he said, “dogs can live a good life without a spleen….if it wasn’t cancer.” Cancer? We brought her in to surgery and I kissed her a lot and put my arms around her and whispered secrets to her. Later that afternoon, the veterinarian called, the cancer had spread to 75 percent of her perfect tan, black and white body. He advised and we agreed that we did not want our dog to suffer. Our dog died that day. I had to tell my children and our friends, between sobs and my grief. This was my dog. I picked her out from the shelter, she was my girl. I still cry, I still think I hear her in the house, I wait for her when I unlock the door….

As you get older in life you will have experienced great joy: college and dating, relationships, marriage, children, jobs, pets. They say “the best is yet to be” but I can’t believe that. I wish I thought that there were better things ahead for me in this world but I can’t possibly imagine what they would be. I’m sure there will be moments of joy here and there, but so too, there will be more sickness and death and grief and getting older. I had the best of times, now, I just have the memories.”

Ain’t the World Wide Web the BEST!

Patsy Paste Onion

Verrrrrry interrrrrrresting word searches this week that led to my blog.  I did my own word search using the EXACT words that appeared and I learned a lot.  

Search words: “onion paste on grey hair before and after”

 I never did see my blog link appear.  Of course I stopped looking after the sixth page. 

But this search will save me a fortune in beauty shop visits.   

# 8 on the FIRST page google search!!!: “can u die having epiglottitis”  

Where YOUR epigottis is located and what he looks like

Laurie, F.

Apologies for displacing you – it wasn’t my intention.  TRUST ME IT WAS NOT my intention!

Search Words: “licklick anteater character”  

Could not find Lick Lick but Anabelle and Pango are apparently popular:


Pango Anteater    

In case you are ACHING to read the posts that probably led to these word search hits here they are (I think)

Fish with a TRANSPARENT HEAD!!!!!!!!!! (No Relation to Laurie F)

WOW! just received this INCREDIBLE, FASCINATING, only-a-mother-could-love look at the rare Barrel-Eyed Fish (and possible search engine pay dirt) from Laurie Fessler of the world infamous Epiglottis Episode:
“Since you cheated anyway (LOL) I thought I might send this to you…because really, who else would be interested?!  Love, Laurie F.”


Hi Judith,
Laurie Fessler commented on her Wall post.
Laurie wrote:

  • you have sunk to a new low to get visits on your blog!!!!!!

  • even the acquarium critters are all talking about you down under. You have done fish a disservice, they are calling for a FISHCOTT.”

Face-off: Which gets the most hits -Epiglottitis OR Butterfly Fish?

Butterfly fish started it all.  I don’t even remember how I got on the subject but since then of EVERYTHING I’ve ever written about DAILY the most searches that land people on this blog are butterfly fish or just plain fish.

My good cyber-friend Laurie Fessler wrote the following post and guess what!  The most word searches she gets are “epiglottitis!

I proposed a face-off between butterfly fish and epiglottitis.  She posted a piece on butterfly fish and I’m reposting her original article.

The two subjects are like Mutt & Jeff, Oil & Water, serious & frivolous, pain & pleasure.

We’ll keep you posted!

Calling Epiglottitis A Bitch Is A Vast Understatement

Picture from Wikipedia
By hibernationnow

I have had epiglottitis twice; it is an ulcerated part of your epiglottis, below your throat, hidden in thieves. It is the worst pain I have ever had and I’ve had it two years in a row. Nobody knows what causes it, they think it’s a viral infection. As much as I have BEGGED for answers on how to prevent from getting it again, there are no answers. The doctors shake their heads kindly but have no information.

The first time I had it the ENT ( Ear, Nose,Throat Specialist) scoped me through my nose and saw it he literally said “How the hell did you get that?” Those were not comforting words to hear. I don’t know how I got it and I don’t know how I got it again. I just knew that this was the worst pain I have ever had. Childbirth was a breeze compared to this long, incredibly painful illness.

Has anyone out there ever have this monster of an illness? I’d be interested in knowing. The most my doctor could do was promise me to give me pain medication. If I could, I would prefer being asleep for the ten days that I have it. It makes sore throats seem like a cute tickle in your mouth. It feels like a hot, serrated knife butchering you every time you have to swallow.

Don’t come again, you mean and evil illness. I’ve had enough.