I am Woman, Hear Me Roar . . .

(inspired by and with apology to Helen Reddy)

I resist the urge to yell at you

Perhaps instead a well placed pout

or conjure up a tear or two

It never helps to ream you out.

I’ve learned it takes less energy

to always smile, no need to taunt

to get exactly what I want

International Woman’s Day

If Antonio Banderas is a Burrito Paul Newman was a Hotdog

When I was in college I slept with Paul Newman.  I shared a one bedroom apartment with two other “women” (I thought I was a W-O-M-A-N ala Helen Reddy).  We furnished the bedroom with $5 (it was in the 60’s) mattresses from Goodwill – no frames, no box springs, just sanitized -(I think) formerly-used mattresses on the floor.  Wall-to-wall mattresses – there was barely room to walk between them.  A gigantic floor to ceiling poster of Paul Newman informed our dreams and was our homage to decor.

In my middle years George Clooney (Hooked on haiku & George Clooney) took Paul’s place.  But now George is off the market (You Mean I Could Have George Clooney’s Baby)  and I’m hard pressed to find anyone as tasty.

After I watched this short video “How to Live Passionately NO Matter Your Age” I realized I’d better get cook’n . . .  again!


Isabelle Allende 

You have to listen all the way to the end for the “burrito” recipe