Write on! – Alls fair

       Assignment from my writing class – An incident when you were treated unfairly or you treated someone else unfairly.”  I think I covered both . . .


Unfair Treatment – Body, Mind & Me

By judy westerfield

     “More! More!” my mind screams at me. Her desire reverberates throughout my body. Once again, I’m caught in the middle ­ between body and mind, between hedonism and health.

     The three of us — body, mind and me — have been together a very long time. Over the years the mind has grown bolder, louder. To keep the peace I usually do what she says, even though it’s often based on want rather than need. Today is no exception.

     For the second time in less than an hour I retrieve the half-gallon carton from the freezer.

     “More! More!” She is unrelenting.

     “Calm down. “I’m scooping as fast as I can.”

     I ladle from the carton to the soup bowl — 1/3 less fat, 120 calories, $2.99 on sale — spoonfuls of vanilla, chock full of chocolate chunks and ripples of golden caramel. Hard, too hard. I like it soft, just this side of starting-to-melt. Ten seconds in the microwave will do it. I’ve perfected the timing.

     “More! More!”

     “You will just have to wait 10 seconds.” I can be firm.

     It’s creamy, cold, sweet and glides deliciously from the lips all the way down to the stomach.

     “Ahhhh. Mmmm,” the mind purrs and declares it to be an invention ranking right up there with the discovery of fire, the wheel and Tampax.

     The bowl is empty. She points out that there’s more in the carton, purposely left out on the counter, which is now just the right soft consistency.

     “120 calories per serving . . . 12 servings per carton . . .1,440 calories,“ she calculates. “We’ll just skip dinner.”

*   *   *

     “Why? Why?” My distended stomach cries out, pushing painfully against the waistband of my pants. Hips expand, thighs grate together, intestines grumble while impolitely relieving themselves of gas as I walk to the trash to throw away the empty carton.

     The body unfairly treated, yet again, by me. And the mind . . . she’s still screaming . . .

     “More! More!”


“Passionate Nights of Love”

Passionate Nights of Love
Eating chocolate Dove
Pecan Pie, catches my eye
Ah, to be torn
tween cake and popcorn
just ravish them all
with a root beer float
then donuts pink
no need to think
no need to feel
it’s a feast, not a meal
Kisses from Hershey’s
brings me down to my knees
licking the bowl bottom
of cookie dough batter
spoonfuls of  flan
 right from the platter
nothing else matters
Night fades away
for PASSION by Day
It’s never too late
never too early
no need to wait
for the clock to chime
P.M. time
to make it all mine
and put on the weight

Now coming to Poetry Potluck theme of the week ““Passionate Nights of Love” Its about that time of our flowering in soul, where some times the passion takes hold and the thoughts in mind rage like wild fire. That one moment, when the soul takes over the body, to feel the lightness of its ‘being’ in the purity of sense, from the dark depths of its desires…. So friends, pen your words of passion, let your desires run loose and let your feelings drown the darkness of night, in your being ‘alive’ in passions of soul….