Sneek a peek into my PRIVATE journal

“Make your own recovery the first priority in your life.” (Robin Norwood).

That was the journal class free-writing (stream of consciousness – no thought to spelling punctuation or even if it makes sense) prompt this week.

Here’s what I wrote (but you must promise not to tell anyone because it’s my private journal):

Recover from what recover from life recover from love recover from being me recover from being covered by life what covers can smother what covers can warm what covers can hide what covers can protect so recovering from what I’m not sure it’s more about just living life and learning not recovering from anything that just about covers it.


Don’t ask why I pasted that particular picture on the page – I just did.  It felt right.   But . . .  now . . . that I consciously think about my unconscious choice  . . .  perhaps that picture is about how it feels to struggle to recover when there is nothing truly to recover from . . .  not sure . . . what do you think?

P.S. Feel free to use the prompt for your own free-writing . . . it’s free.


Recycling Resolves Resolutions

It’s a problem for me to come up with resolutions every year.  I lead a pretty good life, I re-cycle paper products & plastic.  I exercise fairly regularly.  I’m kind to most people and all animals.

2012 I’m resolving to bring more creativity into my daily life.  SO!  I registered for Journal Art & Memory Keeping with Effy Wild to create a visual journal page daily.  NO FEE, NO pressure. I am not holding myself to HAVING to do it every day.

First step: You are to pick one word to focus on as the “theme” for the daily pages.  I’ve picked LOVE.  

Second step: Find an old book or journal and create the cover.

 I decided to re-cycle an old partially used journal for this project.  That way I didn’t have to take time to create a journal cover.  Although the picture didn’t photo very well you can see it’s generic enough for love.

Re-cycled Journal Cover

I did pretty good at keeping my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s good to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment.

2011 I resolved to:

  1. Loose weight. I lost weight several times.
  2. Take better care of myself. I got my hair cut regularly and took showers.
  3. Stay on top of my billing and expense accounts.  I got on top of the first 7 months last month and my expense records are neatly thrown in a box and maybe other places.
  4. Eat healthier. Everytime I ate candy or cookies or ice cream I’ve washed it down with nuts (protein)
  5. Keep my desk organized. I’ve organized it several times a month (well, maybe every other month . . . or so
  6. Make How -To -Videos for this blog. I’ve thought about them A LOT.
  7. Re-cycle and cut down on waste.  I put ALL paper & plastic into the re-cycle bin, composted, and turned off the water when I brushed my teeth.

All in all 2011 was a pretty good year for resolutions, wouldn’t you say?

I think I will keep these same 7 resolutions all over again for 2012.

Maybe instead of “love” I should pick “re-cycle”?

Oh, My Word!

The FREE bag . .

I sent my Human to some Creative Expression to reduce her stress  It worked.  Since she’s returned I’ve gotten many more doggie treats than ever.

I do have some observations though.

The first day She got a bag for attending. She was all excited that she got a FREE bag and then sloshed paint all over the bag as soon as she got home.

FREE?? I think the paint smells got to her since the workshops cost money, used up a tank of gas,  paid for parking and for two days didn’t see any clients . . . .

Next day I sent her to a “Lettering” workshop called Oh My Word.  All she had to show for it was this teeny little handmade practice booklet and (here we go again) a bag of “FREE” Faber Castell lettering pens which she’s been carrying around with her like a bag of gold.

I should have sent her to a SPELLING workshop

Shaking my head in disbelief

I wish for walks in the park, dream of cookies and believe my Human is losing it.

Complicating Simplicity

Oh, my word, Here Come More doggie treats!  Gotta look up another creative workshop to send her to . . . If you know of any let me know ASAP to keep those cookies comin’.  (She stresses out very quickly).

Her intension is definitely In TENSION

I’m an Un-Cola, Getting Re-Fizzed

I’ve been an Un-cola, a bit colorless without the fizz.  In a taste test I’d be described as flat.

Been un-blogging for a few days.  Still un-sleeping.  A bit un-der the weather.

Today I got a bit of my carbonation back!  Attended an all day journal technique workshop taught by Jane LaFazio. Discovered her through the SketchBook Challenge Blog I wrote about a few months back.

Fun!  It was FUN!  I was covered in paint and gesso, paper all over the floor creating a BIG BOOK

It’s hard to see but here are some of the preliminary pages that are still in progress.  I’m going back tomorrow for a workshop in lettering!

Painting, cutting, pasting

Stamping, spraying, doodling, "collaging"

BIG Book, spilling over the table

I’ll be adding some of these fun techniques to my Therapeutic Creative Expression workshops.

Stay tuned while I get more of the Pause that Refreshes!

My Pain -Therapeutic Creative Expression Journal, in progress

Collage page from Judy's Journal

In preparation for the next Therapeutic Creative Workshop – a 4 week Mask Painting workshop which focuses on The Face of Pain, The Face of Pleasure – I reviewed some of my past journal pages on pain.

This page is still in progress but it is an example of how to start your own non-verbal expression of feelings.

Here’s what I did and you can too.  It’s easy.

How to:

  1. Cover the page by smearing craft paint on the page with an old credit card.  Let dry.
  2. Pick, quickly, spontaneously and intuitively pictures that represents pain.   I used magazines.                          ( The pictures can be a literal, symbolic or metaphorical representation.)
  3. Cut away the entire back ground of each picture so you have just the basic images.

Processing for Understanding:

Even though my page is not finished I am beginning to see some of the unconscious meaning.

  • 3 Hands:  Only one hand is complete and that is the right hand where the arrows are pointing.  My pain is directed at my whole being
  • THe largest hand has no fingers, only a thumb.  Without opposable finger on that hand I cannot grasp what pain has “handed me” in life.
  • The third hand only has fingers.  Again, without a thumb I cannot grasp.
  • There are 3 round circles that reach between the two hands, almost like “thought bubbles” reaching across the page.  Both hands trying communicate with each other?

I’ll do more on the page and let you know how it progresses.

Vida Video Tutorial: Painting Pages in your Journal

Deb's Journal

Deb who is a fiber artist painted her journal cover and added bits of fiber!  Fiberlicious!

Her original question: “Do you have any pointers or tips on what type of paint to use to dry fast, etc?  I get a few pages painted a day and that means it will be hundreds of days for the book to be finished” inspired me to add some tips to the Vida Video I was doing.

Hope this helps shorten your 100-Day-Drying-SEASON Deb!

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