My Gestaltified Brain (no relation to Gefilte fish)

Manny Mo Motivator

Several people have asked me to review some of the info from the Motivation to Beat Procrastination Workshop & Presentation Laurie Miller ( and I did.  I aim to please.

To review the differences between the Linear and Gestalt  processing brains click on this post:

Basic FACTS about how my gestaltified brain works:

  1. I can make lists but I can’t maintain them.  Just accept that as a fact.  Maintaining a things-to-do list is for Linear thinkers. I  do lists when things are over-whelming or I need clarity.
  2. Out of sight, out of mindMy things-to-do  has to be visible – not filed or put away.
  3. Things-to-do will not be done on a priority, logical basis.  It will look “hodge-podge” to others but I’ll get it done.

Here’s some of the ways I do my TO-DO’s

Go Postal: I write a short list on a large post-it-sheet that I move from day-to-day or week-to-week in my appointment book.   Then RRRRRRRRRRip it up when done

Weak by Week: I write lists in a weekly calendar book that’s just for TO-DO’s.  I don’t write them on the days I want to/should do them, just group them under major topics.  Cross off what I do. What I don’t do that week I rewrite on the next week’s page.  After several weeks if I’ve kept moving from week to week it isn’t a critical to-do and I just cross it off.

Wite-it-out: I write on a white-out board that is in front of me at my desk.  That way it’s always in sight.

Picture-it: Mind-map with pictures which I’ll  describe in  another post.

Back-into-it:  I do a project list instead of a detailed to do list – write project (goal) at the top of the paper; Starting at the bottom I write the steps I need to do to get to my goal, working my way backwards to the project at the top.  As I complete certain steps I often have to rewrite my list to include things I didn’t originally think of.  Kinda like reading a magazine from the back to the front and then going back to reread certain articles.

Kinda like I write posts for this blog!

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Did you miss me?

My Human has been rather neglectful of me lately.  I’ve not been able to post because  she has monopolized the computer; I’ve not been on very many walks because she has  been on the computer, I’ve had to eat at irregular times because she has been on the  computer. I’ve hardly been scratched or petted or held because she’s been on the  computer.

I’ve had to resort to  begging for biscuits.  Can you imagine! Begging! Humiliating!  If it weren’t for my  compassion and patience I would have reported her to the Inhumane Society.

She claims she’s been working and putting the final touches on the Finding Passion  Presentation and Workshop she and my Aunt Laurie Miller are doing together.  I’ve  caught her looking at craft web-sites . . .  Thank goodness the workshop is next Saturday and she can’t use that anymore as an excuse for being neglectful.

I say she’d better put down the matches cuz I don’t want my fame to go up in flames.

Lickingly yours, LLLLLLLLLLLL THE MAX.