Man’s Best Friend LimERICKs

LimERICK by Rick

Dogs are incredibly likeable creatures
with many commendable features.
They sniff and they lick
and rarely get sick
whether named Freddie or Duffy or Peaches.

(couldn’t find a name to rhyme with features)

Duffy, Ozzie and
Duffy, Ozzie . . .  and  . . .  Peaches?

*     *     *

LimeRick by Freddie

There once was a dog named Freddie

he sleeps a lot in his beddie

never wears clothes

checks you out with his nose

much more cuddly than any teddie

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Parker Westerfield


Limerick Time – I’ll take the “fall”

There is a season named fall

which many don’t care for at all.

They rake and they ache

no money they make

a bag of leaves is their haul.

Freddie's Park

Who says Southern California doesn’t have seasons?This is Freddie’s park

A Freddie sorta limerick

I’m a little dog named Freddie 


my coat is as soft as a teddy

so soothing  they say

you’ll pet me all day

and never find ever a flea

A limerick is a funny little poem containing five lines. It has a very distinctive rhythm and rhyme pattern of which that was not one.