What Cities Would Look Like if Lit Only by the Stars

“Carl Sagan once said anything shining in the night sky does so because of distant nuclear fusion. The physics involved are awesome, and so too are the billions and billions of stars seen from here on Earth. But with every passing day, increasing light and air pollution from growing cities diminishes our ability to observe the cosmos.”

‘“By combining two realities, I am making a third that you cannot see … but it exists! I am showing you the missing stars,” says Cohen. “Photography is way of showing things that we can’t see. Photography is a way to dream. I am not showing you post-apocalyptic cities, merely cities without electricity. I am bringing back the silence.”’  French artist Thierry Cohen

To really see the impact of the night sky view FULL size pictures at: Wired, Thierry Cohen, Darkened Cities

Rio de Janeiro 22° 56’ 42’’ S 2011-06-04 lst 12:34

Rio de Janeiro

‘“Photography is about poetry more than it is about reality,” says Cohen. “It is how you see the world. You can show the world you want to show.”’

San Francisco 37° 48’ 30’’ N 2010-10-09 lst 20:58

San Francisco

“French artist Thierry Cohen draws attention to this creeping loss in his seriesVilles éteintes (Darkened Cities), which imagines the world’s largest cities under clear night skies. His photographs are as impossible as they are beautiful. The dark urban landscapes and vibrant constellations are composites of two images—one of the city and one of the sky.”

Los Angeles, Disney Hall

Los Angeles, Disney Hall

“Cohen has visited nine cities including New York, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro, and Hong Kong. Using an equatorial tripod mount and polar-scope, Cohen captures an urban landscape, then travels to a less populated location at the same latitude with greater atmospheric clarity. Using this method, the skies above Shanghai are actually in Western Sahara and Paris is illuminated by the stars over Montana.”

Darkened Cities is on show at East Wing Gallery, Abu Dhabi until November 20.


Sneak Preview of What You COULD Get from JudyClaus & Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure

What are the odds!!!?  Got on the Metrolink train this morning for an hours ride into Los Angeles for my husband Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure.  It was the last train out this morning and we sat in a car with only one other person, an incredibly personable young man on his way to work.

When I said this was my husband’s birthday trip the young man jumped up, held his hand out to shake and said “It’s my birthday Too!”  

Born on the same day! – Separated by a few decades.  What ARE the odds?

Take a look at Dave’s Most Marvelous Birthday Adventure:

(Pictures are not retouched.  The sky was that color, the temperature in the low 70’s.)

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  1. Took the Metrolink train to Union Station in Los Angeles
  2. Walked across the the street to Olvera Street – a historical Mexican “Alley” – where you can purchase AMAZING treasures
  3. Ate deeeeeeeeeelicious French Dipped Sandwiches at Philippes
  4. Walked over to China Town, where you can FIND EVERYTHING YOU CAN’T find at Alvera Street.

P.S. Besides the touristy pictures the other pictures are what I want to give to my friends for holidays . . . Are they lucky or what!?

Guess which one I picked especially for YOU?