Mask Painting to Express Feelings – Wendy’s Mask

After posting pictures of one of my  mask workshops mask-painting-to-express-feelings Wendy Holcombe commented that she wished she could paint a mask (my words, not hers).  So I sent her a mask form that I use in my Therapeutic Creative Expression Workshops.

Take a look at Wendy’s post on CreateToHeal!  She painted the outside and collaged the inside.  Then take a listen to what she says about her experience and her mask.

Read her last post to really understand  Wendy Holcombe’s life. She’s remarkabe.

P.S.  You can do this exercise without an actual mask form or paint.  There’s a free tutorial and a “processing exercise” on the Tutorial page.  You’ll have to scroll down . . . it’s there.

And let me know what you did.  I’ll share it (with or without your name) to inspire others to try Therapeutic Creative Expression!

Mask Painting, Making the Invisible Visible

The Face of Joy was the first mask painting workshop I facilitated.   Visions of the Invisible, In The Face of Pain was the second  It is a powerfully therapeutic experience, not to mention FUN!  Yes, painting pain can be fun as long as you don’t have expectations of how it “should” look, know there’s no right or wrong way and simply use color to express feelings and experience.

Take a look (we paint the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE of the masks and then talk about them)!  See if you can tell what each mask represents – joy, sadness, migraine, physical pain, emotional pain, hurt, hiding from others real feelings.

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An aspect of the healing – besides the actual process of creating – is internalizing, in a non-objective manner, our feelings where we can be an observer.  Observation helps us create distance which creates objectivity and thus changes the experience.

The next Mask Painting workshop is scheduled for this coming December 10th.  I’ll be sure to share more pictures with you.

There’s a FREE tutorial on the TUTORIAL PAGE for you to create and process your own “Mask of Pain”