3 Wishes for the New Year, from MAX

Dear All my Best Friends,

EVERY year my Human encourages me to write you my wishes for the New Year.  This year she says that she is on vacation and I have to re-post my wishes from last year.  She insists that I have so many new Best Friends that they will never know it’s from last year and all you others won’t remember.  I think that is rude of her.  (Don’t tell her I said that)

But being the “bigger person” I am humoring her because she is very tired and when she is tired she gets grumpy and when she gets grumpy I don’t get as many cookies as I should get.

So please pretend that you don’t remember this post, even if you do.  Otherwise I won’t get ANY cookies.

Dear all my Best Friends,

Here are my NEXT YEAR’s wishes for you.  I could only think of 3 wishes but I liked 6 pictures.

May all your friends bring you love

May your human feed you what you want to eat.

May you always feel in the Pink

May you have as much fun as you can before someone makes you stop

May you feel satisfied and at Peace

Just in case she’s grumpy next year and makes me re-post the re-post please forget you read this.



P.S.  I snuck in two new, additional wishes . . . (don’t tell her I did that)