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The HeART of Spirituality & Creativity

Posed Spontaneity or . . .  Spontaneously Posed

(When I recover from trying to contain these wonderful, but wild women,

my aim is to post the focus & resulting journal pages of each workshop . . . when I recover).

DSCN4750“I have a great time and never miss a class.  I am not an artist but have learned and really enjoy my creations and the work we do together.  A great bunch of gals to meet with be supported by and to support.  I love working with Judith for the past several years.  It is always a good experience.  It will change your life. Really.”  Carol Falacara

DSCN4752“I love this workshop! I needed to continue to process this event in my life and this workshop lets my creativity come out to process.”  Cory Haninger

DSCN4753I enjoyed the most:  “What my fellow attendees share and how they inspire my journey and my artistic images.”  Katie Truitt

DSCN4765“I love this workshop because it’s a combination of a girl’s support group and an art class . . . a totally unique find of an art class invented by Judy!  Judy doesn’t teach boring painting technique but she does teach us how to open up our hearts and souls and realize that everything we create is wonderful!”  Sandhya Larsen


DSCN4767 DSCN4770 DSCN4771 DSCN4773 DSCN4778“My first time! Truly worth every minute spent reflecting me and laughing with these wonderful ladies.  Thank you Judy for an amazing experience and I look forward to many more and happy to work on it at home!” Tritia M.


The End

P.S.  Instructions to participants on the feedback form: “I value your comments and feedback . . . and I need some more rave reviews for my testimonial pages.

The HeArt of Spirituality & Creativity, week 1

Great group of women.  (Why oh why do so many men shy away from these kind of workshops?)

We painted the covers of journal notebooks with acrylic paint.  It was a 5 step process painting.  First step was the color of spirituality. The next 3 steps were spirituality in childhood, early adulthood, current time.  The last step was the colors of God (or whatever spiritual belief greater than them self they had)

Each step was done VERY quickly and layers of paint are built up on their journal covers.

The journals were wonderful.  Sorry that the lighting and my camera know-how were lacking as the journals are very bright and colorful.

Next one is coming up this Friday!  Check out the information here on the Workshop Schedule Page.

In the meantime here are some pictures.

The HeART of Spirituality, June 2013

The HeART of Spirituality,
June 2013