1-2-3 Cake in a mug – Indulge without the bulge

I have little self-control.  When I like the taste of something – usually something sweet . . . or salty . . .  or savory – I go back for more until it’s all gone.  I look for quick, one-serving ways to indulge.  Been making single serving brownies for years so when I see this “lighter” version I have to try it.

Directions for 1-2-3 (or 3-2-1) Single Serve Cake

Take a box of any flavored cake mix and a box of angel food cake mix – shake ’em both up, all together, in a freezer bag  and store.

When you want a quick single-serving of cake:

  • Put into a mug 3 TBSP of mix 
  • Stir in 2 TBSP H2O
  • Microwave for 1 minute, let cool
  • Add any topping, or not

Lo and behold there’s a lemon cake mix in the cupboard.  I run (actually I drive) to the grocery store, buy a box of Angel Food.  

I don’t want to mix them together.  What if I don’t like it?  No need spoiling 2 boxes of mix.

Having passed middle school math I take 1 1/2 TBSPs of each mix, stir in the water, zap it and put it in refrigerator to cool.  I garnish with frozen fruit to make it look gourmet, give Freddie the frozen fruit, and eat the cake.  It has the taste and consistency of sponge cake.  Ok, but not my favorite.  However, Freddie thoroughly enjoys the fruit.DSCN6202

Being ever curious I try my old stand-by for single serving sweets – No-Fat Trader Joe’s Brownie mix – garnish with chocolate chips.  MUCH better than the lemon flavor . . . could be the chips.


I still have an unmixed box (minus 3 TBSP) of Angel Food so I’ll try another flavor when I run out of lemon and chocolate cake mix.