Sneek a Peek into my Journal – Stripping for fun (not profit)

Year of the SPARK  lesson:  Reverse painting on clear packing tape.  I didn’t like my results so I cut it up in strips.  What you see is the reverse order of the process.

3.  Cut-up strips on black paper

Thrown Around

Thrown Around

2.  Cut up strips, a variation

Cut up

Cut up

1. Painted-packing-tape, torn magazines and chalk

Pasted down

Cut-up, pasted down packing strips, torn magazine and chalk

Sneek a Peek – Let Sleeping Birds Lie

Irritated Birds . . .

sleep on fiber fill

not to insult fellow birds

down pillows offend

*       *        *

Cable network down

irritated bird snores

Network TV bores

Mixed Medium, Irritatingly Irritated Bird

Mixed Media, Irritating Irritated Bird


just can’t cut it out

got nothing better to do

What more can I say?

I'm not lisssssssstening . . .

I’m not lisssssssstening . . 

Haiku Horizons - prompt CUT

Haiku Horizons – prompt CUT

Sneek a Peek – Irritating Irritated Birds in the Drink

Who Nu Haiku

Much too much to drink

Irritated birds can’t fly

water – logged” will sink

Mixed media - Irritated Birds
Mixed media – Irritated Birds
"There she goes . . .again"

Bob the Blobfish sez: “There she goes . . .again”

Sneek a Peek at Summer Art Camp Critter

Me and my paint brush just weren’t getting along so I turned my affection toward my oil pastels (I think the paint was secretly relieved).  So here’s my possibly, probably final version . . . I think . . . of my “Splish-Splash-Painting-Drawing-Thingey-Critter.

If you want to see what the steps were to this point click here:

Paint & I decided to part ways at this point

Paint & I decided to part ways at this point

Reunited with oil pastels
Splish-Splash-Dab ‘n Draw Critter Thingey

THE END . . . probably



The Heart of the Battle

Humph! She can be so melodramatic . . .

Unseen forces aim

at the fortress of my heart

 no place now to hide

Judy’s Heart Series, mixed media
No Place to Hide

Unseen forces know

not possible to retreat

or even play dead

Judy’s Heart series, Mixed Media
No Place to Play Dead

Unseen forces rip

the white flag of surrender

blowing in my mind

Judy’s Heart Series, Acrylic
White Flag of Surrender

The Nuts & Bolts of a Father-Daughter Relationship (and a puppy name)

Here’s some great pictures and a written piece by one of my new favorite artists. (love her sense of color).

Therese inspired me in three ways: 1. (Chlepfigs) Müntschi –  A name for Laurie & Jan’s Puppy!; 2. Her mixed media* paintings; 3. Her wonderful written remembrance of her father. Take a look –

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Bits and Pieces from my Father’s Wallet

by Therese Lydia Joseph

In memory of my father who passed away a few years ago…

“As a little girl whenever I needed some spare change to buy candy, chocolate or ice cream I would go to my father and perform my little song and dance. Jumping up and down, smiling and singing … “Please, please can I have “as Fränkli” (one dollar)?”

I knew what was coming next. “Ehhh… mmm… well… for what?” “For the store! Please, please”, while doing the pirouette… My dad would dig his big hand deep down into his blue overall pocket… and with difficulties pull out his fat wallet. He then would hand it to me but hold on to it until he got a kiss.

Once I had delivered “as chlepfigs Müntschi” (loud-sounding kiss) on his cheek he would let go of the wallet. I would open it and tried to find a 1 Frank or 2 Frank coin… most of the time I was unsuccessful because his overstuffed wallet was filled with little screws, nuts and bolts, not coins. It was a wallet like no other.

Even though I knew ahead of time that money was a rare item in my dad’s wallet I came back time and time again to beg for money for treats. May be because we had our little ritual down pat and I needed to  practice my song and dance every so often. Or it could be because my dad would give me a 5 Frank coin if he did not have anything smaller. And that was a big deal for a little girl like me.

The mixed media paintings (8×5 in) let you take a peek into my dad’s wallet and let me relive those precious moments.”

*Mixed media!  Fun! Colorful! Expressive!  Mixed Media is just what it implies – pretty much anything goes.  Use acrylic paint with ink, with water-color, with pen, paste on objects, memorabilia, photos, collage pieces and yes nuts & bolts . . . it’s only limited by your imagination.  

Who Could Ask For Anything More!

Love - Rhythm!

I Got Rhythm Haiku

Sing and dance your love
with the joy of grateful hearts
Celebrate life’s tune
Swaying to life’s beat
Lifting voices to the sky
Melody of  prayer

Here’s my latest LOVE-Page for the Book of Days. Not sure if it’s finished but I’m done! 

For whatever the reason when I was working on the journal page this song kept running through my mind.  It sounded wonderful because My Mind always sings in tune.

This video can’t be “embedded” so you’ll have to use your rhythm and click this link to hear Gene Kelly and the children sing and dance.  It’ll make you smile! Well worth the click!

Here are the words for those of you who don’t want to hear the wonderfully joyous rendition of:

 I Got Rhythm by George Gershwin

Days can be sunny
With never a sigh,
Don’t need what money
Can buy.
Birds in the tree sing
Their dayful of song.
Why shouldn’t we sing
I’m chipper all the day,
Happy with my lot.
How did I get that way?
Look at what I’ve got.

I got rhythm,
I got music,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?
I got daisies
In green pastures,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?
I got daisies
In green pastures,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?

Old man trouble,
I don’t mind him —
You won’t find him
‘Round my door

I got starlight,
I got sweet dreams,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more —
Who could ask for anything more?!

Old man trouble,
I don’t mind him
You won’t find him Polly
‘Round my door Oh…
I got rhythm,
I got music,
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more? Oh…
I got daisies
In green pastures
I got my man —
Who could ask for anything more?
Who could ask for anything more?!
Who could ask for anything more?!

P.S.  I may not respond to everyone’s comment every time as I’m trying to figure out how to better “pace” myself.  (My tempo was much too fast last year.)  Please know that I read EVERY SINGLE ONE!  (As a matter of fact they can’t get posted unless I read and approve.)  

Please don’t stop.  I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS and

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My Goal is to Get Adults to “Paint” Feelings like Children.

I set 3 rules for participants when I facilitate a Therapeutic Creative Expression workshop:

  1. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.*
  2. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.**
  3. There is no right or wrong way to express feelings with color.***
I am not looking for nor do I expect beautiful “art”.  
Take a look at examples of what I DO expect****

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

Pablo Picasso

* Exception to rule #1: No painting the walls

**Exception to rule #2:  No painting the carpet

***Exception to rule #3: No painting the facilitator.

****Every person in every workshop has exceeded my expectation.

Paintings from classes taught by Therese Lydia Joseph at

Dandelion Studios 

Take a look at Therese’s site – she’s a fabulous artist.  I love her use of color!