100 Monsters – Rorschach test, Flora

This is a Fly-By-Flora Monster.  

She thinks she was born-to-fly but can’t seem to get up the speed to get off the ground.  

Needs a make-over

Flora needs flight lessons, a good tail wind and teeth whitening.

Is this a Rorschach test, or what . . . . ?

Inspired by Stefan Bucher’s The Daily Monster

Mabel Mumster the Matriarch now looks tame by comparison . . .



One Hundred Monsters – Mabel Mumster is #1

This is a Mabel Mumster, Matriarch of the Monster Family.  

She’s a beauty as is evidenced by her beauty mark.  

She’s ambidextrous as is evidenced by her detachable arms.

She’s extremely intelligent as is evidenced by her exploding brain.

Mumster, ink

Mumster, ink blob

I just watched a video workshop Drawing Daily Monsters: Finding Inspiration in a Drop of Ink by Stefan Bucher.  Stefan teaches how he creates his monsters.  He challenged everyone to make some kind, any kind, of creation every day for 100 days.  Here’s my day one . . .  however, as you all know, I rarely finish any challenge to do 100 of anything.  (I used his ink-blob download for her cuz I don’t have no ink)