One Blind Mouse

Oct 24 Prompt BLIND

Posting a drawing a day on Curious to the Max with a once-a-week Sunday-7 Day Retrospective on CATNIPblog for those of you who just want to click- off the dailies!


Not at Starbucks today!!!!!!!!!!  The guy across the hall from my office gave me the password to his internet connection.  I’m grateful but he doesn’t serve coffee or tea.

eLeMeNO = a letter of the alphabet

When I was learning the alphabet ( oh, let’s say about 20 years ago) I thought that elemeno was one of the letters.  I could never figure out how everyone else counted 26 letters.

Now I can’t figure out if I am on letter “L” or letter “e” on the Blogging Challenge A – Z

since I’ve not had internet access for 8 days now. (Count ’em EIGHT, 8, e-i-g-h-t!)

e = eeeeeeeeeeek

i – ick

g = gee whiz

h- how did this happen

t = to ME!

And just in case it’s 9 and not 8 (I’ve lost track ….)

n = no, no , no

i = it’s

n = not

e= eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, again