Take a look at my “healthie” – “X” rated for under 75 year olds

Growing old is not for the faint of heart and I do consider myself to be healthier than many of my friends: my blood pressure is great, cholesterol and blood sugar levels perfect, lungs are strong, hearing excellent, weight good, no arthritis. 

On a walk Judy asked how my ankle was doing after I sprained it.  “Better”, I said.  “How is your ear doing?” she asked.  “The antibiotics seem to be helping,” I replied.

Is your neck still stiff? . . . . I’m going to physical therapy . . . 

Our conversation made me focus on what was happening to my body:

I showed this chart to Judy who she said it made her feel better that all she has is chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia . . . .

We want to know who has the most niggling issues!

 Here’s a template to indicate what’s “working” or “not working” with your health.

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