The Year of the Fairy Tale, Moo Cows

An example of how circuitously my mind works. Year of the Fairy Tale’s first assignments focus on a well-known fairy tale – The Frog Princess.  

Reading that fairy tale inspired me to write a Fairy-Poem which inspired me to draw cows  (My Fairy-Poem  has a cow) which inspired me to write a “pome”.

Here’ my non-dominant hand moo-cow drawings which were inspired by my fairy-poem which was inspired by The Frog Princess which was inspired by The Year of the Fairy Tale which inspired the new “pome”. (as you can see – not only is my thinking circuitous it’s also redundant)



Moo Cow Pome

Hey diddle diddle
the cow in the middle
is strange as she can be
She has no udder
tho she’s a mudder
and as oblivious as can be