Summer Art Camp plus crabby haiku

Instead of buying candy I been saving my allowance for Summer Camp Carla Sonheim’s Summer Art Camp.  As you might have guessed by now I LOVE Carla, her classes and emphasis on having fun with art.  The first camp assignment is drawing 3 crabs (better than 12 princes!) with non-dominant hand and then a water-color of sea shells (to come).


Crabby judy!

Deep Fried Crab Haiku

Used to be hard-shelled

Age has marinated me

Now I’m a softy*


*Soft-shell crab is a culinary term for crabs which have recently molted their old exoskeleton and are still soft.[1] This means that almost the entire animal can be eaten, rather than having to shell the animal to reach the meat.[2] The exceptions are the mouthparts, the gills and the abdomen, which must be discarded.[3] The remaining, edible part of the crab is typically deep fried.[2] Wikipedia


Non-dominant hand, pen

Unhappy Crabs, Non-dominant hand, pen


Year of the Fairy Tale – Let’s Face It!

Drawing from photos of real people using a pen (ouch, no erasing) and my non-dominant hand.

I will need a pedicure if the next assignment is using my non-dominant foot.

Bet you can tell which I drew first – the women or men!

DSCN5513 DSCN5508 DSCN5506 DSCN5505 DSCN5504