Yupo can Dupo Too

Few people creatively inspire me to actually DO something – Carla Sonheim is one of them!  

I love her blog, love her creations, love her books, love her workshops.  Guess you could say I’m in love with Carla.  Here’s 2 of her creations which inspired my “poems”.  Click here to check out her fun and fantastic critters.  She always has more hatching.

(The Yupo is in reference to the kind of paper she drew these on.  I haven’t a clue what kind of paper that is but you’ve gotta admit it’s got a great name)


Yupo, yupo, yoop

I’ve just flown the coup

I’ve got to look back

to erase any track

So I don’t end up

as a snack.


Yupo, yupo, yoop

No cap just a toup

I’m now free to swim

in a sea full of whim

while keeping my head

high & dry

P.S.  For those of you who have inquired as to my where-a-bouts:  I’ve been re-grouping personally, professionally and bloggily.  I’ll be around periodically while I get my group grouped.

Thank YOU for sticking with me!