Sneek Peek into my sketchy life – from sea to shining SEE

I am enjoying sketching the human form much more than inanimate objects or landscapes.  It stands to reason that I chose to be a psychotherapist rather than a landscape architect.

Here’s my latest sea-scape


Pen & Ink


and here’s my latest See !


Charcoal sketch

He kept moving his right arm . . . 


Charcoal sketch

100 Monsters – Rorschach test, Flora

This is a Fly-By-Flora Monster.  

She thinks she was born-to-fly but can’t seem to get up the speed to get off the ground.  

Needs a make-over

Flora needs flight lessons, a good tail wind and teeth whitening.

Is this a Rorschach test, or what . . . . ?

Inspired by Stefan Bucher’s The Daily Monster

Mabel Mumster the Matriarch now looks tame by comparison . . .