What You Wear is Who You Are!

Iris Apel

Jan asked me after my last post Green Bananas if I thought the women were making a spectacle of themselves.  Great question.

I hope so!  It’s creative expression at its most courageous – using personality as our muse and our bodies as our canvas.

Anyone who has that kind of courage,  to step out of the box and express themselves,  I may not imitate but I do celebrate.


Be the hit of your own show

God’s stars all. Shine on!

Color, texture, pattern – it’s all around.  Take a look:

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Analyze this Challenge!

“You might get to meet my crazy twin Karla; she’s the one on the left ~ (ANALYZE THAT Judy!!!!!)”

Received an e-mail to get together from my friend Konny* with this picture and the above statement.

Konny* knows that I will rise to a challenge.

What she doesn’t know is that I’m going to let all of  YOU in on Konny’s* personality just from observing her picture:


Konny* & Karla or Karla & Konny*

  • Konny* is starry eyed and/or bug-eyed.
  • She is a frustrated Mime who can’t find a venue in which to perform (at least one that pays her)
  • She has a very strong masculine side because she is joined at the balls.
  • Konny* THINKS she is a split personality but in “reality” there is just two much of her to go around.
  • She thinks she reaches for the stars but her elbows are bent.
  • She has very clean bathroom mirrors.
  • Konny* is a wonderful friend.

If YOU see anything in her personality I don’t see let me know.  I’ll send it on to Konny*! (anyone read palms?)

* Name has been changed to protect me.