What were you thinking upon waking?


Mask Workshop – Pain & Pleasure

I follow Phylor’s Blog

She writes beautifully, candidly and creatively about her experience with pain, dis-ease, chronic illness or she describes it: “pain, poetry, bipolar, prose (and a little whimsy on the side)”

Her poem, not only provocative, is so relevant to current research on how our thoughts signal our limbic/autonomic nervous system to create the neurochemicals that tell our “bodies” what to do – messenger molecules that determine blood pressure, pain signals, auto-immune responses etc, etc . . . essentially all our body’s systems.

I don’t wake up thinking . . .

by Phylor

I don’t wake up thinking today will be
a pain day
a crying day
an angry day
a disillusioned day
an anxious day
a hypomanic day
a worrying day
a backwards looking day
a beat-myself-up day
an inside day
an in-bed-a lot day

I don’t wake up thinking today will be

a less pain day
a happy day
a calm day
a dreams-might-come-true day
a confident day
a stable day
a positive day
a looking forwards day
a kind-to-myself day
an outside day
a mobile day

I don’t wake up thinking today will be . . .

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I was struck by the ending of Phylor’s poem.

I wonder how you would you finish the sentence

“Sometimes when I’m alone”?



by Phylor  

Sometimes when I’m alone

I slip a disc into the “boom box”

And dance around the kitchen.


Sometimes when I’m alone

IPod nano set to shuffle

I’ll walk for hours, for miles


Sometimes when I’m alone

I pretend to be another me

Singer, actress, novelist, historian, educator


Sometimes when I’m alone

I listen to the zillions of tiny noises

That makes up the sea of sounds and souls


Sometimes when I’m alone

I look up into the night

And see a million, billion, trillion stars


Sometimes when I’m alone

The computer keys fly by

The screen fills with strings of words


Sometimes when I’m alone

I close my eyes

And see universes


Sometimes when I’m alone

I’m alone

I’m alone


7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Dear All My Best Friends.

My best friend Phylor and My best friend Wendy have both nominated CreativitytotheMAX for some kinda award.  To accept the award I have to divulge 7 things that all my best friends don’t know about me. You might be shocked so please sit down, but not on the toilet. I don’t want you to slip and I don’t want to be responsible for more humiliating behavior than I already have to endure.

7 (or 8) Things You Don’t Know About Me
by Max
1. I am a dog
2. I often pretend I’m asleep so humans will leave me alone.  They constantly engage in scratching and stroking and petting behaviors because humans have an insatiable need for love.
3. Everyone thinks it’s cute when I howl when humans sing but the reality is their voices hurt my ears and I’ll do anything to drown out their din.
4. I prefer to eat with chopsticks but all we have in the house are knives and forks.
5. I will drink water although I prefer beer.
6.  I prefer to pee in a toilet but because I’m so short I have to sit down and when I jump up the rim is very slippery and I don’t want to get wet so I have to resort to “going” outside in public and it is humiliating even though I cover my humiliation and no one suspects.
7.  My humans are not my real parents.
8.  I follow my humans into the bathroom because I am  afraid they will slip on the rim, get wet and they will have to pee outside and then I will REALLY be humiliated.

Wendy, Phylor, That’s 8.  Does that mean I have to nominate 8?  If so please ignore #1 as the rest are all universally experienced.

I nominate a few of My Best Friends:

Rosemary, Seeking Equilibrium

, Painandspirituality

Miss Creative , Chronicallycreative

Whyteferrets Blog, Ferretrunner

Ramesh Sood, A little More than Ordinary



P.S.  Wendy & Phylor, Thank you for my award (Dog cookies would be better but I gotta take what I’m given.  Cuz it’s a Dog’s Life)

P.P.S.  My Human had her eyeball lasered this evening and insisted I post because she said she needed to convalesce.  She’s just fine but such a drama queen. (don’t tell her I said that)

Kiss UP to the Contest WINNERS!

I am UP and announcing the winners of the  Up Up & away Contest and doing the daily Haiku.  Thought it UP myself. Clever!


 Winners ALL are YOU

Kissing UP, the sweetest treat

You’re lip smacking good!

Welcome to Day 6 of The Height of Haiku Challenge, where your challenge is to write 30 haiku in 30 days, with the themes given here. The prompt today and #64 overall is KISS suggested by Nimue.                www.haiku-heights.com


Up Side Down Category Winner

Ida:  Stand up. Stand down

UP-Chuck Category Winners

Joyce Klenner:  Cough it up!

Maureen Killham-Kaech:  


I really thought I was going to throw UP because I was so nauseous, but then you cracked me UP with this post, and so I didn’t.

Rub Up to Rose Category Winner

Laurie Fessler:  I think Rose is an UP and coming genius!


Looking Good Looking Up Category Winner

Terri Hodges:  I looked up to see a label this end up!

Ending Up, Up Beat Category Winner

Phylor   I think rose and judith are UP and coming creative folks.


and if you are up for “SEEKING EQUILIBRIUM”

take a look at Rose’s  blog http://www.rosemaryl.blogspot.com/

Rose set me UP for the original post.  Rose,  I gave you a leg up!  So you’re a winner too!

Winners: Type UP your name, mailing address and Hypnotic Healing Recording you choose from the selection on the HYPNOTIC HEALING CD page on this blog: https://judithwesterfield.wordpress.com/hypnotic-healing-cds/  and

send to me in an e-mail:  judithwesterfield@gmail.com

I won a PhylorGanizing Kit

I made the 1,110 comment on Phylor’s blog!


Now not only didn’t I know Phylor had a contest but I almost didn’t find out I won.

Pylorganizing Kit

Look what I WON!

The candy erasers are on a plate to fool people who think they are real.