doodlewash SEALS the deal

Hug a seal
give it a kiss
all love is real
not hit or miss


Charlie O’Shields’ water-color

Charlie O’s watercolor “Hug a Seal” is charming (Charlie is charming too . . . as is evidenced by the stories he writes to accompany his water-color paintings).

Check it out (there’s a sweet video of a seal hugging a dog) and click here DOODLEWASH

Retirement is in STORE – I could try this!

What’s in store for me

besides the pangs of my youth?

Retirement looms


Stored deep in my heart 

silver lame and muscles

shimmer and quiver

Looking at all my possibilities in retirement.  Anyone know where I can get silver lame Spanx*?


Thanks Bernice. Can I borrow *yours?

3-Ingredients to eat healthier . . . . . and lose cravings

I’m eating more vegetables!  Pumpkin is very healthy so I googled pumpkin recipes.  Two-ingredient chocolate & pumpkin brownies!  I added flax seeds to make it a bona fide health food.  Can’t go wrong, right?


judy, judy pumpkin eater

mixed chocolate with a beater

added it to a pumpkin batter

tasted so bad it didn’t matter*

Pumpkin-Flax-Chocolate Thing with walnut garnish

Pumpkin-Flax-Chocolate THING with walnut garnish

Not a brownie, not a pie

a waste of chocolate, I could cry

rather tasteless what a mess

no cravings here,  I’m blessed

* Original nursery rhyme
Peter, Peter pumpkin eater,
Had a wife but couldn’t keep her;
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her very well.

Hooked on Haiku – No BONES about it

My bones are creaking

past sinking, future winking

ain’t it glorious!

judy journal page, mixed media

judy journal page, mixed media

Haiku Horizons - prompt BONE

Haiku Horizons – prompt BONES

The Fessler Fish

Fishy Fessler

It’s time for another FISH post to drive the blog stats up.  STILL get the most searches on a DAILY basis, bar none,  for “FISH”.  Who knew?

Laurie F. sent me this fishy picture. This post is dedicated to her!

In a pond far far away

Is where the Fessler Fish stay

You’ll know them by their markings

the three eyes in their head

always knowing what goes on

even when in bed

Most are orange, a few are gray.

Not one is dumb

And they do not prey

Although they’re very mellow

You’ll hear them when they bellow

Perhaps you know a Fessler

living by your pond?

A fish you’re attached to

and have become very fond.

Fesslers are quite tasty

as flaky as can be

So next time you meet one

Invite them in your sea.

Fish Inspiration, compliments of Laurie Fessler.